Transforming Your Relationship: The Yellow Brick Road

Transforming Your Relationship: The Yellow Brick Road by Stacey Martino | #AspireMag

Every human on the planet, has an OZ that they are trying to get to. A goal, an outcome, a result, a purpose, or a mission. Whatever it is that you are trying to get to, that is your OZ.  

And just like in the movie, the Wizard of Oz, the yellow brick road is the pathway that will take you to there. 

In life, your Yellow Brick Road is your unique pathway that you journey upon to get to your OZ. Every one of us on the planet has our own unique Yellow Brick Road to our very own Oz.  

So, keep in mind, as you journey through life, and you are looking to your right and to your left, comparing yourself to otherbe so careful. One person’s Yellow Brick Road is not right for another. Comparing yourself to someone else is pointless, because they don’t have the same OZ (mission, purpose, goal) as you nor the same journey to get there.  

By the same token, judging others for their journey is also pointless. Your Yellow Brick Road is good for you but that doesn’t make it right for anyone else.  

Everyone’s Yellow Brick Road is between them and their Source. So anytime you feel judgment coming up within you, just remind yourself, “their Yellow Brick Road is for them. That’s between them and Source and it’s not my business.” 

Now, I know many of you have life, business, health and other goals. There are things that you want. You have an OZ that you are heading towards. And in many cases, you want to RUN down that Yellow Brick Road and get there fast, like yesterday, right? 

But that’s not actually how the Yellow Brick Road works.  

The bricks on the Yellow Brick Road are kinda like levels in a video game. You know how when you play a video game, you have to master level one before you get to advance to level two? 

You can’t “die” in level one on a video game and still advance to level two, right? You have to keep doing level one over and over until you learn how to navigate level one successfully. When you master level one, then you get to advance to level two on the video game. And so on, until you win. Right? 

Well, it’s kinda like that on the Yellow Brick Road to your Oz.  

On each brick of the Yellow Brick Road as you journey through life, you will experience problems and challenges. When these problems or challenges come, you must SOLVE them and master them in order to qualify yourself to advance to the next brick on your Yellow Brick Road.  

Very often, in life, when we experience problems or challenges, we wish the problem wasn’t there, and we complain about the challenge. We want it to go away. We wish something or someone else would change to fix it.  

But here’s the thing  

Every problem or challenge that you have in your life, right now, is actually a GIFT because when you face it, own it and solve it, you QUALIFY yourself to advance to your next brick on your Yellow Brick Road.  

Then on the next brick, there will be challenges and problems. As you face it, own it and solve it, you qualify yourself to advance to the next brick on your Yellow Brick Road.  

As you advance, the challenges and problems become better quality challenges. So instead of struggling to figure out how to pay your bills when you are on brick number seven, by the time you are on brick twenty-seven, you are struggling to find the right team member to help you grow to your next level. That’s a better-quality problem, but still a problem that must be solved to move to the next brick.  

As you journey down your Yellow Brick Road, mastering levels, you are BECOMING the version of yourself that can have and hold your Oz.  

Look around at your life and business today. What struggles, challenges and problems are you having? 

Are any of them repetitive problems? Meaning, you have had this problem or challenge for a while and it’s still not solved.  

You are holding yourself on the same square of your Yellow Brick Road for a while when a problem remains unsolved.  

It’s time to SOLVE the challenges that have come to you. They are your gifts. Offering you the opportunity to QUALIFY yourself to move to the next brick.  

Especially the repetitive problems. Those are the BEST kind! Hear me out. When you SOLVE a repetitive problem, the pay-off is SOOOO big for you! The can feel the relief, the peace, the joy, the satisfaction, and the elevation.  It’s the big step forward that you want.  

So, in every area of your life, look at the challenge or problem that you have. Then Face It, Own It and Solve It so that you can move on.  

Here’s the key; you won’t be able to SOLVE it by yourself. You also won’t be able to solve it doing what you have done in the past. Nothing you tried has worked. The truth is, YOU do not know how to solve this one. If you did, you would have done it already.  

And if you are blaming someone or something else for the problem… just STOP it right now.  

Blaming someone else just keeps you FIRMLY STUCK on the current brick of your Yellow Brick Road. You will NOT move ahead until you STOP blaming.  

Blaming someone or something else is kinda like failing at level five of your video game and sitting there at level five for a few years just waiting for the video game to stop being so stupid and change so that you can win level five and get to level six.  

Umm, who is actually the stupid one in that scenario? 

So, stop blaming and start SOLVING.  

No matter WHAT the problem or challenge is that you are currently facing, someone has already solved that in this lifetime. It’s true.  

Business, someone has solved it.  

Money, someone has solved it.  

Health, someone has solved it.  

Relationship, someone has solved it. (Me) 

Spirituality, someone has solved it.  

Household stuff, someone has solved it.  

Just find the person who has already solved the challenge that you are facing and do exactly what they tell you to do to solve it in your own life.  

Then you QUALIFY to move to the next brick on your Yellow Brick Road.  

The FASTER you learn how to seek out the solutions and solve your problems, the faster you get to go down your Yellow Brick Road to your Oz.  

The beauty is, who you become on the journey is who you needed to become in order to have everything you wanted, and more, in your Oz.  

So that when you finally reach your Oz, just like Dorothy, you will realize that you always had the power within you, you just needed to learn it for yourself.  

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