The Six Types of Clairvoyance

The Six Types of Clairvoyance by Cyndi Dale | #AspireMag

What is clairvoyance? The term actually means “clear-seeing.” One of several mystical abilities, clairvoyance specifically involves receiving, deciphering, and sending psychic visions. 

While most of us assume that clairvoyance relies on perceiving wild and colorful images within their mind’s eye, there are actually six clairvoyant styles. In my book, Awaken Clairvoyant Energy, I outline these six styles. Following are edited excerpts from that book. As you read through the various clairvoyant applications, pay attention to the many ways you have already performed as a clairvoyant—and what you might want to try. 

Classical Visioning 

This style of clairvoyance is the most well known and involves the ability to perceive visions that are colorful. These pictures appear in one of three ways: 

Inner visions: These clairvoyant images appear in the mind’s eye as if drawn by supersonic crayons. A clairvoyant picture can stand alone or several images might be strung together, much like a slide show or a movie. The images can be interpreted literally or figuratively. They 

might also depict the past, present, or future and involve a variety of shapes and forms. 

External images: Some clairvoyant visuals can be seen with our physical eyes. The well-known art of reading an aura, the energies surrounding a living being, is often conducted via normal eyesight, as is spotting otherworldly spirits and guardian angels. Omens and signs can also appear in the environment via a meaningful message formed by the letters on a license plate or a billboard or through the sighting of an animal or bird. 

Dreams: Clairvoyance is an integral part of dream-time. Anytime you are dreaming visually, you are being clairvoyant. Nightly dreams often contain psychologically based communications but also can involve interactions with other souls or beings, who might show up to instruct or advise. We can also experience clairvoyance via our daydreams. As our mind wanders, we might replay an event that’s already occurred or trip into a possible future. In particular, future daydreams can help us work through issues that impede progress or assist us with making important decisions. 

Prophetic Visioning 

While classical clairvoyance usually appears in Colorama complexity, prophetic versions of clairvoyance are versions of black, white, and gray. They provide spiritual revelation about—or an evaluation of—a situation. The black-to-white continuum indicates negative to positive energies respectively, with gray being in between. When gray appears, I assume that something is hidden from sight. 

Prophecies steer us toward enlightenment, the state of living in oneness with the Spirit. They also help us figure out if an activity or attitude will help us fulfill our destiny.  

Empathic Visioning 

Clairvoyant images don’t always start pictorially. They can arise from empathic information, which enters our system as feelings, sensations, or awareness. However, we can transform kinesthetic knowledge into classical or prophetic images, therefore turning an impression into a visual. This resulting image will provide insights as to the nature of a sensation or awareness. 

Verbal Visioning 

Clairvoyance can be combined with clairaudience, another famous mystical ability, to access words, lyrics, and other verbal means of communication. Clairaudience means “clear hearing.” For instance, in your mind’s eye you might envision captions on a picture or the words of a poem. 

Future Visioning 

There are also many types of future images, such as those showcasing possibilities, probabilities, warnings, or certainties. Basically, foresight is available through the use of classical, prophetic, empathic, or verbal visuals. 

Futuring is a tool available to everyone, not only individuals who use this skill in their work, as do I. In fact, a friend of mine was once spared a traffic accident because she dreamed about a car wreck on a specific highway. The next day she took a different route to work. Later, 

Healing and Manifesting 

Some of the most ancient and well-advertised applications of clairvoyance are for healing and manifesting purposes. Healing and manifesting are two sides of the same coin. In general, healing occurs through releasing energy and manifesting operates by attracting energy. 

More specifically, healing involves creating beneficial change. Clairvoyance is a master tool for performing healings, whether they involve physical, psychological, or spiritual shifts. And how much more effective it is to create our desires than to focus on the vision of what we desire? 

As you can see—pun intended—clairvoyance, in all its many forms, can become a backbone for embracing, designing, and living the fulfilling life. 

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