Supercharge Your Success by Opening to Receive the Universal Abundance

Supercharge Your Success by Opening to Receive the Universal Abundance by Susan Bradley-Boartfield | #AspireMag

Are you receiving a steady stream of clients? Are new opportunities knocking on your door? Are you experiencing the level of success your heart desires? 

If you answered no, you may be unconsciously denying the gifts of the universe. I was so surprised when I discovered the many ways, I was cutting off the flow of abundance. I thought I was being kind to others. I believed I was being unselfish, but I was wrong.  

I grew up being told, “Don’t be greedy” “Be happy with what you have” “It’s impolite to ask for anything”, Perhaps those sentiments are ringing true for you. I was the person that always paid for lunch, the movies, hotels, everything. I would never let anyone treat me. I would say that’s okay, you don’t have to. I never realized I was a chronic giver because I was unable to receive. When someone gave me a gift or did something nice for me, I felt guilty and would have to reciprocate. During Christmas I would keep several gender-neutral gifts in my closet in case someone gave me a gift I would have one for them as well. 

I thought I was being noble. When the veil of truth was lifted during my awakening, I came to understand the message I was sending to the universe was, “I don’t want your gifts” I was telling the universe I can only give, not receive. This affected every area of my life. Because I could only give, I was surrounded by those that could only take. Financially, I only brought in just enough money to get by.  

I unintentionally shut off the flow of universal abundance. Because I sent the message that I could only give and not receive when financial abundance did flow, my car would break down, an unexpected expense would appear or someone in my life needed it. I sent the message to the universe that lack was my energetic set point. What message are you sending to the universe? 

The universe is always supporting us. The universe is always sending us gifts in the form of money, clients, teachers, opportunities, presents and a thousand other ways. Not only do we have to be open to receive these gifts, we must be mindful of what we are consciously and unconsciously asking for. 

I am pleased to say, I now allow the flow of abundance with an open heart. I now know that to thrive in business, as well as all areas of my life, it is crucial to have the exchange of energy. As woman we do not need to abandon the “caregiver” role but as feminine leaders we must be our own caregiver. We must value ourselves and the gifts we possess. 

 I noticed a trend with heart centered women professionals having difficulty offering their services, often discounting or giving their service away for free. I have assisted many amazing coaches in bringing their gifts to the world and the biggest issue they have is charging for their service.  Is that you? 

Do not deny the gifts the universe brings to you. The world needs your gifts. As women now is the time to embrace life and all it has to offer! We have the opportunity to reach people around the globe and share our wisdom and gifts.   

It was shown to me how important the exchange of energy is in any relationship including the relationship between you and your client. Each must invest in the relationship for the energy to flow.  

Take a moment and think how much joy you feel when you are giving to others. It feels really great, right? It’s important to allow others the joy of giving to you.  

The universe is bringing you clients all the time. You must invite them to hire you. It is our responsibility to offer our services. We serve no one when we keep our gifts, our wisdom and knowledge to ourselves.  

Open to receive the gifts the universe brings to you. The universe is sending to you potential clients with pocketsful of money but if you don’t invite them to hire you well, you too are denying the universal gifts. 

It’s time to supercharge your coaching success! 



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Susan Bradley-Boartfield About Susan Bradley-Boartfield

Susan Bradley-Boartfield is a spiritually guided Business Strategist and Healer. Prior to becoming a coach Susan had much success as a leader in the insurance Industry. When she became bedridden, she studied the mind, body, spirit, healed herself and became a successful coach. Today, Susan helps new coaches bring their gifts to the world. Claim your Open to Receive Clients' Visualization  today.