Are You Stopping Short?

Are You Stopping Short? by Deborah Kevin | #AspireMag

The 90s show Seinfeld is known for how it changed conversations, and one can immediately connect with someone of like mindset by using phrases such as “sponge-worthy,” “master of your domain,” “no soup for you,” “shrinkage,” and “a dingo ate my baby.” Not only was the show hilarious, but it was also sticky. 

There’s an iconic scene in a Seinfeld episode (“The Fusilli Jerry,” Episode 107) where Kramer stops short while driving George’s mother from a doctor’s appointment. George’s father freaks out and accuses Kramer of “stealing his move.” 

In the context of Seinfeld, stopping short is when the driver is on a date and hits the brakes in a faux emergency and puts his arm out as if to stop his passenger from hitting the windshield when what he really wants to do is feel her chest. (Yes, it’s creepy and not in alignment with today’s feminist standards, but putting a protective arm out often happens when there are children sitting in the passenger seat, too—at least in my car.) 

What does this have to do with your business?  

You could be stopping short with your ideal clients. 

Here’s what this looks like: 

  • You develop a great program that will solve your ideal client’s biggest nightmare but don’t release it 
  • You write all your marketing copy but never publish it 
  • You start to second guess yourself (hello! Fraud factor) 
  • You gather momentum but abruptly shift gears to focus on something else 
  • You do the do-si-do between options 

I know I’m guilty of stopping short. A colleague of mine calls this the ‘busy bitch syndrome.’ Like when I develop great content or a kickass program but move onto something else instead of releasing it (anyone else?). Busy-busy-busy. I kept busy and thus hoarded my gifts. 

Once I realized what I was doing, I had to make a choice: step up or step away. I opted for the former and put in place bumper guards to keep me in the game. 

Here’s how to combat the stopping short phenomena: 

  • Commit to a launch date and ask someone to hold you accountable 
  • Get clarity on your marketing goals, have someone edit your materials, and keep your promise to send the goods out 
  • Create positive affirmations and read them out loud to yourself several times a day 
  • Join a mastermind group of people who will cheer you on, talk you off the ledge, and support you unconditionally 

How are you stopping short in business and in life?  

You know you were born to make a difference in the world. You’ve done the work to heal old wounds and yet something (maybe more than one thing) keeps you from achieving all you know you can. Some of your beliefs—and stories—no longer serve you. Begin today to write a new ending to your story! Download my free eGuide entitled, “12 Signs Your Beliefs Are Weighing You Down.” 

12 Signs Your Beliefs are Weighing You Down

You know you were born to make a difference in the world. You've done the work to heal old wounds and yet something (maybe more than one thing) keeps you from achieving all you know you can. Some of your beliefs—and stories—no longer serve you. Begin today to write a new ending to your story!

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