Your Journey towards Your Optimal Lifestyle: What is Your Relationship with Gratitude?

Would you consider the possibility of looking at your life with different eyes for this short moment that we will spend together while you read this article? It is my deepest desire that you open yourself up to your own journey towards your optimal lifestyle, embracing optimal health, wealth and enriched relationships!

In my book Gratitude in Action ∞ Actions of Gratitude I shared my own Awakening and how I was infused with what I call the Essence of Gratitude and how I practiced being in this state again and again and again so it became a personal practice and completely transformed my life. I am now living a Dream Come True Life®!

People are often asking me… “How Gratitude can help me when I have to face severe illness or that I don’t know how to pay my bills?” Maybe are you experiencing some challenges at this very moment… maybe your relationship is falling apart, maybe you just lost your job or something else is happening to you now that is breaking your heart. Just know that Gratitude can bring you peace of mind and comfort during these hard times; Gratitude has the immense power to soothe you AND to shift your vibration to welcome new opportunities of greater nature. This is amazingly powerful!

In fact, Gratitude can help you and support you more than you could ever imagined if only you would accept to fully embrace it in your life for a long enough period of time, while using your own will, this God-given faculty that we all have, to focus on everything that you already ARE, DO or HAVE, with a deep feeling of Gratitude in your heart.

Up until we experience it in our own life, we don’t really understand the power of Gratitude even though we think we do. And the good news is that we don’t’ have to work hard to know how to be grateful for it is an integral part of who we are as a human being! The Essence of Gratitude is already flowing and circulating in you. You only have to become aware of its presence and acknowledge its power. Then, you will start to raise your level of awareness beyond ordinary thinking or ordinary consciousness, and you will feel more alive, happier, healthier and wealthier even though your actual circumstances have not yet changed!

Make your heart sing and your soul chant!

By putting your attention and your focus on what makes your heart sing and your soul chant, YOU reveal to yourself the powerful human being that you already are! And by doing so, your level of awareness will raise and you will see things very differently. Instead of seeing lack or scarcity, you will begin to see abundance and prosperity everywhere! This is blissful and even magical… When we fully embrace the Essence of Gratitude in our life, we open ourselves up to living our life to the fullest; we become ready to live our purpose and our destiny!

The secret is in the feeling. The feeling of Gratitude indicates that you are having grateful thoughts and if you maintain this feeling long enough, it will transform the biochemical in your body, it will reduce stress, release tension and you will start acting and behaving in different ways AND, you will be open to receive things of greater nature such as optimal health, wealth and enriched relationships! Isn’t that great?

We are here to learn, grow and evolve, so every single situation that we live has the meaning of fulfilling this purpose. When we fully understand this, we become deeply grateful for our challenges because we know they are there to help us raise our level of awareness and thus increase our wealth and uplift the quality of our life!

Are you willing and committed to transform your life to live from your highest purpose? Then I invite you to welcome the Essence of Gratitude in your life. By doing so, you will be the uplifter that you were meant to be to serve the world in a very meaningful way, while living a grateful and abundant lifestyle.

My purpose is to bring the Essence of Gratitude in people’s lives and into the business world. I dedicated my life to exploring Gratitude in all its forms and in all its facets to spread and infuse its essence around the world. I would be honor to support you on your journey towards optimal health, wealth and enriched relationships.

I would like to offer you a very powerful exercise called Breathing Gratitude… it takes only a couple of minutes and it radically changes your perspectives and your state of being. It goes this way…

Breathing Gratitude Exercise

Put your focus on your heart and start breathing in and breathing out… slowly and consistently. After a couple of breathings, begin to think about something or someone that you are grateful for and feel the Essence of Gratitude start to flow through you, from your heart to every cell of your being. Feel the connection to your heart and the love and joy that are emerging from your higher Self, your Sacred Self. Be present, be still and feel the Essence of Gratitude raising your vibration! It is that simple… it is quite easy and fast! Enjoy and have FUN!

If you allow yourself to practice this simple Breathing Gratitude exercise 3-4 times a day, you will open yourself up to welcome optimal health, wealth and enriched relationships at profusion!

Live in Gratitude!

Sylvie Olivier About Sylvie Olivier

Sylvie Olivier is a Bioenergetics Specialist and the author of the book Gratitude in Action ∞ Actions of Gratitude. Through her signature process, she activates people’s Golden Hearts and melts away fears to heal health, wealth and relationships issues in order to create Golden Heart Abundance for everyone.She is also a Certified Dream Coach® to help you create and live a Dream Come True Life!You can download her FREE Infusion of Gratitude audio Meditation at

  • sune

    Thank you…Thank you..Thank you..that’s priceless..!
    Love you for writing this article..Thank you!!

  • sune

    Thank you…Thank you..Thank you..that’s priceless..!
    Love you for writing this article..Thank you!!