Your Home, Your Sanctuary

Home, SanctuaryI’d be the first to jump and tell you I love adventure, to travel, and experience anything new. However, that excitement might only last a few days, or a week or two. Maybe you can get away several times a year, and that’s wonderful, but having one place that you look forward to being each and everyday is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Since becoming a mom with a designer deep in my bones, creating a space that is beautifully tranquil has always been a pleasure. Although that’s nice in itself, without all the laughter, joy, the good and the not so good, what exactly does it all mean? My children are my world and their lives, chatter, and laughter are what really makes a house a home.

Since I love design, the trick is creating a space and making it work with all the chaos good or bad. I believe making your home your sanctuary will give you and your family a space to enjoy each and everyday. Not just occasionally throughout the year!

Now at first maybe it just starts with a single space or room. Perhaps it’s a bedroom with the coziest sheets and fluffiest blanket that you can nestle into for some down time and read a book for a few moments before bed.

Maybe you focus on a spa like bathroom that you can retreat to once a day and take a moment out for yourself to relax with some lavender and epsom salts and reflect at the end of each day.

Is it possibly that home theatre family room were you can gather and snuggle watching movies on occasion that bring you joy, laughter and heartfelt memories?

Or creating that outdoor space with a playhouse, garden, place to dine outdoors with a warm fire to sit by gazing at the stars.

Perhaps it’s your eat in or dining space where you gather for meals, enjoy being together and talk about the highlights of your day.

Wherever creating your sanctuary begins, over time your home can truly become that in form. Create an atmosphere that is beautiful and practical where your family can spend time and be together so you don’t need to travel far to find that place of bliss!

If you are just starting out, I encourage you to think of the one place you would like to transform into that sacred space. How can you personalize it, make it practical and functional all the while absolutely stunning and a place to retreat? Over time it can all come together. No matter where your travels and ventures might take you, at the end of the day, there really is no place like home.

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Tarah Abram is a wellness and lifestyle coach who helps busy and overwhelmed moms transition themselves and their families to a more holistic juicier lifestyle addressing the key areas of the mind, body and their environment. Learn more at