Wishing Success! Achieving Your Dreams in 2011

Every year most of us make at least one promise to ourselves to change something annoying enough to warrant a pledge or a resolution. Most have yet to perfect the journey from promise to achievement. This is where the principles of Wishing can help.

Wishing is…creating a winning intention

In the inimitable words of the Spice Girls, the first step to a winning resolution or wish is to ask yourself this one question: “What do I really, really want?” While on the surface this may not appear important it is in fact the key to your success. Believe it or not this one question will guide you to your ultimate wish by offering you the opportunity to clarify your resolutions. For example, if my resolution were to lose weight then you would assume that what I really, really want is to shed a few pounds. But maybe the wish goes deeper, to a core wish, to a resolution that has failed to manifest because I have been asking for the wrong thing – my intention has been pointing in the wrong direction. The core wish then could be that my desire to lose weight is really because I want to be noticed, or to be in a loving relationship, or to fit into an outfit I just saw on QVC. The underlying “desire” is the true wish.

Wishing is… focusing your vision

The concept that energy follows thought is fittingly expressed by the saying, “Where attention goes energy flows.” I have been raised with the notion that as you think so you create. Basically, this means that when you aim for something the energy needed for it to manifest follows your lead. One of the reasons wishes and resolutions fall short is because energy is focused on potential failure. So again, if my wish were to lose weight, my focus should be on having a svelte body that turns heads and fits a size I am comfortable with imaging. Failure ensues if I focus on what I can’t have any more such as chocolate and French fries, or on how many times I have failed, or on my inability to fit into my clothes. This may be logical psychology, but it also affects the promise of a successful wish or resolution. Your focus is paramount to achieving victory. If a hurdler’s intention is to win then he or she will focus on the outcome, straddling each hurdle perfectly and crossing the finish line, not on who else is in the race, how often someone else has won, or how far off that finish line looks. Any businessperson will tell you that focusing on the goal defines your focus. If you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it!

Wishing is…opening to receive.

Knowing what you want and focusing on the outcome are essential components to wish manifestation, but there is one factor that is more powerful than any other, your heart! Your heart magnetizes its desires and will attract to it that which lies at its center. Putting your “heart into the matter,” boosts the success of your resolutions. For the most part what you really, really want originates in your heart, but this is a two-part ingredient. Putting your heart into the mix implies that your wish or resolution contains heart energy. Like attracts like, so naturally heart energy would be drawn back to the heart – provided it is open to receive it.  The secret then is not just about knowing what to wish for or how to make the wish, the crux of your success lies in being open to receive the returning heart energy and ultimately your heart’s desires.

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine that one of your resolutions or wishes is already manifested in your life. Use all of your senses to reflect on what this would be like. Ask yourself: “What changed in my life as a consequence?” Wait to be aware of the thoughts, feelings, and conclusions that come up for you. Now ask yourself: “Am I willing to accept this change in my life?” Be conscious of any adjustments in your body. Pay particular attention to areas of tension, a change in breathing patterns, or any crossing movement such as crossing your legs and folding your arms. These are classic signs of restriction, protection, and closing the heart down.

One way to stay open is to physically open the chest. Take a deep breath, spread the arms outward, expand the chest, and either verbally or in your mind say three times, “I am open and willing to receive my wish now!”   Three is a power number, so repeating an affirmation – a positive statement voiced in the present tense – three times increases its potency.

Wishing is…appreciating life’s blessings

An open heart invites the space for gratitude to enter. The universe welcomes an attitude of gratitude; it says you are ready to receive the abundance awaiting you. The energy generated just from being grateful for everything in your life dissolves away the obstacles that can potentially hinder your success. Being grateful means appreciation for the challenges as well as the gifts in your life. Thankfulness creates an aura of abundance in your energy field. Those who are not thankful tend to exude poverty consciousness and this alone can hinder your wishes, while gratitude supports them.

Wishing is…letting it all go

Once your wish is made, let it go. It sounds simple, but there are some wishes that are more emotionally charged than others. These can be the most difficult to let go of yet are the most relevant to this rule. The act of not letting go can simply mean that you are not ready to accept the manifestation of your wish into your life at this time.

Wishing applies the law of attraction or resonance. Understanding how you make your wishes come true awakens within you the wisdom to consciously craft your world in a way that is in harmony with your soul growth.

Elizabeth Harper About Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed teacher, color intuitive, psychic artist and healer with an extensive clientele that includes royalty, government officials, celebrities, authors, scientists, and professionals from all walks of life. She has been featured in popular national magazines including Woman’s World, Redbook, Prevention and Health, is a magazine columnist and regular contributor to radio and television in the US and Australia, and is the award-winning author of "Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires."

Elizabeth was raised in England, in an environment that supported psychic awareness and embraced complementary medicine. Her yogini mother exposed her from an early age to Eastern philosophies and an alternative lifestyle, and she was encouraged to develop her healing and clairvoyant abilities. As a child, she was able to perceive auras, see and connect with spirit beings, predict the future, and transmit healing energy. She trained as a psychic medium and healer at the College of Psychic Studies, the Spiritualists Association of Great Britain, and the Arthur Findlay College as well as under the mentorship of celebrated British medium Ivy Northage and world-renowned healer Matthew Manning.

She is a regular feature on Australian national radio’s Sharina’s Psychic Encounters show and the highly acclaimed Explore Your Spirit with Kala show. She is the creator of the Chakra Workout Meditation CD, the Sealed With Love line of color healing jewelry, the angelic inspired PowerSilks™ and the uniquely revealing ColorScope oracle.

Elizabeth leads workshops worldwide, including workshops at the Omega Institute, New York’s Open Center, and the Lily Dale Assembly. She is the founder of Sealed With Love LLC and co-founder of Spiritual Living, an online education center.

Learn more at www.SealedwithLove.com

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