What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Grow Up, JoyDid you know that from the age of 5 you were destined to be a surgeon?  Or did you like many of us have so many activities you loved that what was clear was that you were not clear?   And when people asked you that dreaded question, did you find yourself speechless or having a different response, depending upon the phase you were in?

No matter how old we are, many of us continuously ask ourselves that question.  We are always emerging and evolving throughout our lives, but for those who experience confusion and lack of clarity about that “one thing” that they could never find and still cannot find and perceive it in a negative light, may this article bring clarity and a feeling of liberation.

Recently, I watched an inspiring TED EX talk about a young man who described himself as a “multipotentialite.” I highly recommend that you listen to the talk, especially for those of you who may be unclear about your purpose and who are discouraged as a result.

He spoke of feeling lost and confused as a child and much of his early adulthood because he couldn’t find that “one thing” he could commit to. And then he realized that he was a “multipotentialite”. He has so many diverse interests that it was impossible to commit to that “one thing.” He initially thought that he had an attention and distraction problem until he realized that there was nothing “wrong” with him.

His message was meant to free all other possible “multipotentialites” that didn’t even know that they were one. He wanted to get the word out that there is a brilliance and a genius within each of us, despite the fact that one’s natural interests and talents may be broad and not appear at all connected to that “one purpose.”

If any of you can relate, to his struggle, I encourage you to embrace ALL aspects of yourself without trying to figure it out with your head. Our Creator loves diversity and if you have diverse interests, it is essential that you honor your unique genius and cultivate your passions. You were born that way and for a very good reason. It is never random.

When we trust and say yes to what we love, whether it’s gardening, dancing, animals, international affairs, etc., and when we act in alignment with it and co create with that inspiration, not only do we blossom, not only do we raise our vibration, not only are we happier, we are a source of inspiration for others and together, we create a better world. 

Not only that, the divine intelligence walks ahead of us. We cannot always see the bigger plan and how all of our interests are valuable, interconnected and ALL part of what contributes to our unique magnificence. 

In addition, the current problems in our world need original and “multipotentialite” people to create and collaborate with other heart centered change agents to usher in a whole new world of creative solutions as we gather and “heartstorm” together in creative clusters.

If you identify yourself as a ‘multipotentialite”, and until now have struggled with it as a limitation rather than an asset, it is time to shift and appreciate ALL of your diverse interests and delight in them. There is no need to understand it all with your logical mind. Just deciding to pursue whatever interests you is enough. Trust your process.

Whenever we are “in joy” we are part of the collective change we wish to see in the world. In addition, we experience our inner wealth portal when we say yes to whatever is knocking on the door of our heart to be freely expressed without even knowing why. There is magic and mystery in this process that is often beyond our human comprehension.

Our interests are not whimsical. They are the divine seed of abundance asking for our yes. They are the portal to shifting into a realm of happiness and abundance. Often, it can take many years to see how those diverse interests are all connected and reveal the direction and plan for our lives. 

In addition, a “multipotentialite” often mysteriously complements those of us that may be more single minded and narrow in our interests and direction. 

When we say yes and commit to what we love, the magic happens. In different seasons of our lives, we may discover new passions and new directions and it is essential to go with that flow if we are to emerge fully aligned with our true essence.

If parts of you are struggling as you read this, and you are having a hard time shifting out of a limited mindset about your own greatness, I invite you to hold those parts that are resistant with compassion. Allow yourself to release the emotion and practice receiving and allowing those parts to feel loved and accepted.  Paradoxically, until we accept those parts, we will not be able to advance.

I encourage you to ask yourself, what would help me be in joy today? What would help me feel alive and inspire me? And what would leave me with a feeling of deep fulfillment, with no regrets and no aftertaste of dissatisfaction? Or even better, how can I organize my life more around my greatness and create my life by design not default? Then take one inspired action step.

Write down your goals or goals. Keep them simple and attainable. Then sign it as a commitment to yourself. Then at the end of the day, celebrate your successes.  Sharing them with a supportive friend or power partner can amplify your success.  Connecting with others who see, support and complement us is a requirement for our full emergence and contribution to the world.

We have the power to choose to say yes to what our heart desires, no matter what inner or outer circumstances we are experiencing.

Breathe in, breathe out, get focused and determined. Access your inner courage to blaze past fear and resistance and say YES to what wants to blossom within you.  Let the blossoming occur as it is meant to and in whatever form it is meant to be. Surrendering to this process and being willing to allow yourself an optimal environment for your inner blossoming to occur, PLUS taking action to support your emergence will greatly accelerate this process.

There is an urgency within many of us to break out of survival and misery that is the result of negating our interests, our passions, our inner radiance and power and not TRUSTING the inner wealth of the unique gifts we are blessed with.

As we grow to trust, love and value ourselves, it’s not possible to stay in any form that is detrimental or that thwarts our full emergence. Plus the world needs your brilliance.

I stand with and for each of you as we hold hands and leap into a whole new world together. It’s time for each of us to say YES to our magnificence in the form it is revealed to us, to awaken to our worth and celebrate the splendid diversity and divine brilliance of ourselves and of one another. WE are birthing this new world together!



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Marcia Mariner is a transformational life coach and holistic therapist who is passionate about empowering heart centered women to awaken to their unique genius, to create a wealthy lifestyle from the inside out and to contribute boldly to our evolving world.

She is a master at creating heart to heart connection and community with her clients and at optimizing the conditions for women to shift from just surviving to fully thriving. Through Marcia's "heart powered" gatherings, classes, individual and group coaching, she has created a growing community of visionary women who support one another's ongoing emergence, as each takes steps to become their authentic selves, to deepen their self-love practices and to prepare themselves for their leap into their next level of greatness.

Marcia’s intuitive and highly refined coaching method creates a sacred and safe container for women to go through the emergence process and feel completely supported every step of the way. She has a laser focus and a keen ability to awaken her clients to their original divine blueprint and to tap their inner “wealthspring”so that they can create their lives by design, not default.

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