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Each Day is an Invitation

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It seems like every day I hear about something new I’d like to try or experience: a new class, a recipe, a place to visit.  And yet sometimes the options become too overwhelming and instead I stay stuck in my same old routines, missing out on all the infinite possibilities that could shift my perspective and open my world.  How can we know what the right thing to choose is?  What if we don’t like it or we aren’t good at it?  What if it doesn’t meet our expectations?  Here is my answer: “You never know until you try” It is never too late to start again, to invite in your most vibrant self and realize who you are meant to be. I believe that each day is an invitation to move towards your best self. Simply ask,  How vibrant and … [Read Article and Leave a Comment..]

Creating Your Most Vibrant Self

Vibrant, Self

Your most vibrant self is always accessible to you; it is a matter of improving the quality of your life to allow that vibrant self to grow.  It is so easy to get caught up in the struggles of everyday life and become overwhelmed with daily demands.  These ruts can pull us down, without our even realizing it.  We tend to take on too much, give what we don’t have, and stop filling up our own cups.  … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Nature Breath Medication Meditation

Nature, Meditation

Breathe in Nature. I am “Spring Swooning” The newness of life brings me to a heart healing that I can’t describe. When I need healing, experiencing a difficulty, in pain, need clarity or come into balance, I go to nature. I want to share a new practice and why I have been enjoying this Spring. We all need time out to center ourselves and take a deep breath, or two.  When you feel stressed, … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

The Body Never Lies


I have a purposeful intention in sharing myself and experiences within this penning that I love dearly. It is you, the readers and connections we make together. It is that one word or experience you can relate to that serves you well. At the same time it serves me well because I know deep in my heart and soul we are connecting on purpose, not by chance or luck. There is a Divine reason I write and … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

5 Steps to Take Charge of Your Health


“When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life.”  ~ Geoffrey F. Abert As I’ve mentioned in the Introduction of More than Enough, depression plagued me on and off over the years. Often I felt listless and even unable to cry out for help. On occasions, I had … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Tap into the Power of Mindfulness and Meditation


“Be happy in the moment, That’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” ~ Mother Teresa In The Mindful Way through Depression, Mark Williams wrote: Start living right here, in each present moment. When we stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, we’re open to rich sources of information we’ve been missing out on—information that can keep us out of the downward spiral and … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

The Power Of Our Bodies To Heal Our Stories: What I Learned Competing For Bellydancer Of The Year

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I've been binge-listening to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, master cantadora, curandera and Jungian psychoanalyst. Whenever I need a Wise Woman injection, I sit at her knee and wrap my shoulders in her warm voice and soul-truth stories... via Audible, anyway. In The Joyous Body, Clarissa writes that the body stores memories. It tucks away history, experience and imprint, as I've witnessed time … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Solutions for Natural Skin Care

Skin Care

What goddess doesn’t want gorgeous looking skin?  I’m guessing we all do!  Your skin is the largest organ on your body, but it also absorbs what you are putting onto it and more quickly reaches your bloodstream.  It can also be one of the first parts of the body to show toxic overload!  This is because when there is a toxic overload your body temple diverts nutrients away from the skin and … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Love Your Scars: What The Korean Spa Teaches Us About Beauty


When blogger Rachel Farnsworth handled a rude comment about her gray hairs on Upworthy with poise, emotion and grace, the video went viral. Rachel embarks on a litany of her “flaws,” celebrating the very aspects of herself that may not be considered beautiful by conventional, culturally-specific standards – but that hold great meaning for her. I was touched, and inspired to reply with my own … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Re-friending The Body: 3 Daily Rituals

Body, Self-love

Ask any woman what her "problem areas" are and she'll easily rattle off a list. As a woman in one of my workshops blurted out, "What isn't a problem area?!"  Ask the same group of women to list what they love about their bodies, and you'll be met with fewer and quieter answers. Affirmations alone only go so far – and initially, the words fall on deaf ears. She doesn't believe it. She's been … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

Home, Sanctuary

I'd be the first to jump and tell you I love adventure, to travel, and experience anything new. However, that excitement might only last a few days, or a week or two. Maybe you can get away several times a year, and that’s wonderful, but having one place that you look forward to being each and everyday is something that shouldn't be overlooked. Since becoming a mom with a designer deep in my … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]