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7 Ways To get Back Into Healthy Eating

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“Eating healthy is a journey, not a race, take the scenic route and enjoy the view.” We all try to eat healthy, to the best of our knowledge and ability. But even the biggest health experts and the best intentioned health enthusiasts have meals, days and weeks that are less than perfect. It could be a vacation where you over indulge on too many desserts. Or a busy week where you didn’t have time to cook and had too many unhealthy takeouts. Or a few days with intense unhealthy cravings for foods that deplete you and make you feel blah. And before you know it you feel bloated, your digestive system is groaning and you feel like you lost your healthy mojo. No worries! The following suggestions will help you get back into making better food … [Read Article and Leave a Comment..]

Thriving With The Seasons – Summer

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Changing our food choices, rituals and healthy routines as the seasons change is a great way to be in radiant health. When we adjust our choices to align with the seasons we will experience the following: ~ More balance ~ More harmony with nature and with the environment ~ Less unhealthy cravings ~ More energy ~ More focus ~ More calm ~ Less allergies ~ Less colds ~ Vibrant … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

3 Ways to Connect with Nature and Boost Your Family’s Health This

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I love the relaxed days of summer. My family looks forward to the break in the school routine, the slower pace of our mornings and endless days of sunshine.  Although life tends to be easy-going during this time of year, I emphasize sharing some healthy habits with my family too.  As a mom of four daughters, I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and even frustrated with a perceived lack … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

3 Ways to Uplift Yourself and Experience Intimacy and Sensual Body Connection


Many of us sit for 6-8 hours per day and spend a lot of time mostly in our heads and out of our bodies throughout the day. Our bodies love to move and when we move our sexual organs, our pelvic muscles and hips, we get to experience more fluidity, looseness and lightness in our low back and legs! The more we move our pelvis rhythmically such as when we dance, walk and make love, the more we get to … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]



Imagine looking and feeling fabulous. This is what I dream about for you.  It is an expression I have embraced because it says it all. It wasn’t until February 2008, when I began the fight for my life, to beat Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, that I discovered the foundation and secret to my health. Once I understood that alkalinity and oxygen are key to a strong immune system, … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Foods That Help With Cravings

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When you think about food cravings, typically the first thing that comes to mind would be some type of junk food. Something that is high in calories, low in nutrients, processed and quite unhealthy. Is that what you tend to crave when craving kicks in? What is your go-to craving — chocolate chip cookies? A big bowl of ice cream? Personally, rippled potato chips have always been my down fall! I’ll … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Beyond The Physical – Why Food Choices Matter

Food Choices

We all know that food choices affect our physical health. The foods we eat become the building blocks of our body and become part of our skin, our cells, our blood, our brain, making the saying "you are what you eat” literally true. When we eat foods that are high in nutrients we build a healthy and strong body and when we eat foods that are refined and depleted we set up the stage for health … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Each Day is an Invitation

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It seems like every day I hear about something new I’d like to try or experience: a new class, a recipe, a place to visit.  And yet sometimes the options become too overwhelming and instead I stay stuck in my same old routines, missing out on all the infinite possibilities that could shift my perspective and open my world.  How can we know what the right thing to choose is?  What if we don’t like … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Creating Your Most Vibrant Self

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Your most vibrant self is always accessible to you; it is a matter of improving the quality of your life to allow that vibrant self to grow.  It is so easy to get caught up in the struggles of everyday life and become overwhelmed with daily demands.  These ruts can pull us down, without our even realizing it.  We tend to take on too much, give what we don’t have, and stop filling up our own cups.  … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Nature Breath Medication Meditation

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Breathe in Nature. I am “Spring Swooning” The newness of life brings me to a heart healing that I can’t describe. When I need healing, experiencing a difficulty, in pain, need clarity or come into balance, I go to nature. I want to share a new practice and why I have been enjoying this Spring. We all need time out to center ourselves and take a deep breath, or two.  When you feel stressed, … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

The Body Never Lies


I have a purposeful intention in sharing myself and experiences within this penning that I love dearly. It is you, the readers and connections we make together. It is that one word or experience you can relate to that serves you well. At the same time it serves me well because I know deep in my heart and soul we are connecting on purpose, not by chance or luck. There is a Divine reason I write and … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]