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My Daughter’s Health Crisis Changed Everything—Especially Our Family Diet

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Let me take you back to the day that changed everything. It’s 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon in April, I’m standing at the kitchen sink making dinner and heard grunting sounds.  I turned to look over my shoulder to see my 8 year old daughter hunched and convulsing, drooling from the mouth…she was having a seizure.  I had never experienced this before and was terrified. We called 911 and Julia was hospitalized for four days while doctors ran all the test…EEGs, MRIs and CAT scans.  The crazy thing was Julie had one seizure each day while in the hospital, and it always happened when the doctors were on rounds and would come in to check on her.  Something deep inside me knew it was related to the emotions she was feeling, even though her emotions … [Read Article and Leave a Comment..]

Make Your Life Easier and Improve Your Child’s Health at the Same Time

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I’ve got some truth telling for you today and I believe it has the power to forever shift how you feel about improving your child’s health. It also has the ability to get you out of overwhelm, FOR GOOD. Especially if you’re someone who struggles with sticking to making changes in your child’s life, whether it’s getting regular REAL foods in their diet, well…regularly, actually remaining patient … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Is YOUR Willpower Affecting Your Child’s Health?

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Ever had the experience of trying to have a calm conversation with your child, feeling so frustrated that you couldn’t just remain patient.. Only to have a perfectly logical explanation for why you two ended up in an argument?  It’s an interesting feeling, yes? There’s definitely relief that there’s an explanation for your inability to stay cool, mixed with feelings of frustration at yourself … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Slow Down & Listen


January… It signals new beginnings, a time to make new choices, setting new goals and taking action. Everyone wants us to make resolutions and get busy honoring the resolutions. Think about this. How many years in a row have you made the same resolutions? I know I am guilty of this. Why? Because the new year is revered to be a time of fresh starts. Resolutions are a time honored tradition. What if … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

The Power of Tapping into and Expressing Your Creative Side

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For many years I spent most of my waking hours in my logical, rational, structured left brain. I didn’t consider myself creative or artistic. It wasn’t until I signed up for a pottery class that my perception changed. I decided it would be fun to make pottery gifts for friends and family, so I signed up for classes at a local studio. I remember being in awe when the instructor did the … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

The ONE Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Life Today


Have you ever wondered what ONE thing you could do so you didn’t react to little annoyances of daily life? Have you ever wondered what ONE thing you could do so you stayed on your healthy eating/exercise plan? Or, are you curious what ONE thing you could do so stress would slide off your shoulders? The ONE thing you can do to improve your life in many areas is MEDITATE. And, here’s why… It … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Align With Your Power

Align, Power, Life

Are you living the life you truly want to live? Do you know that you can manifest your desires in EVERY area of your life? You CAN have the career, business, relationships, health and finances that you want. You, and only you, have the power to do this. The power has always been there, but the question is: “Are you aligned with it?” Why is it that for some people things get better and better and … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Miracle Messengers: How Your Feet Communicate Your Soul’s Wisdom

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Imagine walking along the beach when suddenly your toe starts speaking to you. While this might seem like a scene from a strange fairytale, your feet are always talking to you—sharing miraculous wisdom and guidance. Once you learn how to understand what they’re saying, you’ll receive incredible insights from your soles and your soul. With Chinese Reflexology, you'll be able to hear the powerful … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Seasonal Eating For Winter

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“ Winter is coming.” This favorite “Game of Thrones” phrase can conjure up images of frozen castles, white walkers and Jon Snow in his fur cape but it does not usually bring to mind an abundance of fresh produce, does it? Well, think again. I am a big believer in eating seasonal vegetables and fruits and preparing foods according to the current season. In a world where you can go into a … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

4 Steps to Holistic Skin Care

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” ~ Plato. To be healthy, is to be whole. Meditation is a practical way for the entire self; mind, body and spirit, to achieve health, skin care included. Meditation is good for you, but did you know how good it is for your skin? A little known side effect from the practice of meditation is an acceleration of the healing process in skin … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Want to Improve Your Relationship with Your Body? Try Gratitude

Do you love your body? All of it? I didn’t used to. There was a time in my life where I couldn’t think of a single thing I loved about my body.Three months before my wedding date, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, placed in drug-induced menopause and told I would never bear children. I was 21. My soon-to-be-husband and I were devastated at this news. We hoped for a few years that my condition … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]