Walking my Talk – Committing to Core Values

Walking my Talk – Committing to Core Values By Minette Riordan, Ph.D. | #AspireMag

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How often have you run into a leader who’s been successful at guiding others by saying one thing and then doing something different? Not very often, right? That’s simply because it doesn’t work!  

The mentors I had admired and learned the most from are the ones who walk their talk and are transparent in their challenges as well as confident in their expertise. 

I had this aha moment recently that I could be doing a better job of practicing what I preach to my clients and community.  

Two of the core values I believe are crucial to business success are confidence and self-care. 

It takes energy and vibrant health to hold space for your staff, clients and community. Confidence in your knowledge and intellectual expertise will only get you so far. 

As I was reflecting on what I want to improve this year, I realized that I am not taking care of myself. In fact, I have moments when I feel like I am waging war against myself. 

I have had a life-long battle with body image and I struggle to let go of judgment and criticism and to truly, deeply, madly love myself. I am very clear that this inner dialogue is impacting my business success and undermining my confidence. 

I am on a mission this year to change that – to explore through art, journaling and movement what is amazing and wonderful about my body. You can see a couple of the faces I have painted recently as part of this journey. 

I am seeking wholeness by honoring and embracing all of me – not just my intellect and knowledge but my physical self too. My body is not separate from me and it deserves as much care, love and attention as the rest of me. 

I have a sneaking suspicion or perhaps a deep intuitive knowing that this is my path to success – it’s not my business and marketing skills, it’s my story.  

And while I have been sharing parts of my story over the past 17 years of my journey as a business leader, I haven’t been sharing the whole story. 

This year I am committed to walking my talk by sharing my journey of ups and downs on the way to falling in love with myself. Perhaps you find yourself on a similar journey? If so, then I invite you to join me in my Facebook group Love Notes to Myself 

Especially if you’re in a position of leadership or wanting to create more visibility for your business, it is of utmost importance to lead by example if you want to boost your credibility and connect with your followers. 

How to Start Leading by Example 

It’s very easy to outline your expectations; it’s the simplest part of the equation. And that’s a start, because at least you know what the principles are. As they say, “Knowing is half the battle” but in this case, it’s the smaller half! 

It may take a lot of effort to really walk the talk and practice the behaviors that you want others to emulate. However, you can get started practicing this positive principle on a daily basis with only a small effort: 

Start small and stick to your immediate circle of influence. 

  • Give yourself the opportunity to practice with your immediate family and close friends. 
  • Tackle each core value one at a time. 
  • Work hard at allowing the core value to become an integral part of your everyday life. 

Once you’ve mastered one, move on to something else.  

However, it’s important to be able to give testimony to the fact that there are actually greater benefits to adhering to that particular principle than not adhering.  

There is an element of fulfillment when you can show others just what kind of actions, thoughts and behaviors contribute to a better, more wholesome outcome. 

Walking the talk is a lifelong journey. There may be times that you’ll fall below your own expectations and the principles you aspire to uphold, just like I did. However, what’s important is that you recognize it and take the necessary steps to get back on track! 

I would love for you to share in the comments below one of the core values you want to illuminate or uphold in the coming year. 

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Minette Riordan About Minette Riordan

Dr. Minette Riordan has been called a modern Renaissance woman. She is a lover of art, poetry and mythology and a complete geek who digs discussing business strategy. One of her core values is continuous improvement; she is a seeker, wanderer and adventurer who loves dragons and coffee. Most days you can find her supporting her creative clients to build profitable businesses. And on other days you can find her in her art studio covered in paint. To follow her creative journey visit www.MinetteRiordan.com

  • Reba Linker

    I really appreciate what you wrote – “It takes energy and vibrant health to hold space for your staff, clients and community.” As the Founder of an online community I’ll be holding these words close to my heart. That simple sentence really encapsulates for me the role of the leader. Thank you, Minette!

  • Lore Raymond

    Appreciating your transparency, Minette. I’m right there with you on, “I am on a mission this year to change that – to explore through art, journaling and movement what is amazing and wonderful about my body.” Looking forward to supporting one another and walking our talk on this journey. Namaste~

  • Such an important topic Minette. I really appreciate your authenticity and speaking from your heart. I think we often give lip service to walking our talk; however to be a good leader and also to feel truly fulfilled, it is important that we live a life aligned with our core values. One of the core values I want to focus on this year is Creativity. For many years I focused on my left brain and in my consulting business it has served me well. About 9 years ago I got clear that I am a creative person and “took the leap” when I launched my new business “Creative Life Coaching”. That said this year I would like to spend more time letting my creative side “come out to play” and truly own my creativity. I just enrolled in an acrylic “Soul Painting” class and want to spend more time in nature, writing from my heart and having fun! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  • Jill Celeste

    Hi, Minette! Is that Owl graphic your artwork? So gorgeous! I love every word of this blog post. Without our core values, I wonder where we would be. xoxo

  • Barb Parcells

    Being in integrity is of the utmost importance to me. If I can’t walk my talk, I should stop talking! Great post.

  • Meghan Humlie

    I love this. Authenticity and integrity are so crucial for ourselves as leaders. This process is an on-going deepening into core values.