The Voice Inside

Woman Doing Yoga“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” —Rumi

I believe that when we sit still in meditation we can make contact with our inner voice or the spirit part of who we are.  Hearing this voice can mark the beginning of divine journey back to health and empowerment in your mind, body, and spirit. This muted voice inside you is all-knowing and  connected to a universal energy that has the power to heal and uplift you to a vibrational level of being, unknown to many, but available to all.

I want you to become familiar with the voice inside you. The one you hear talking incessantly at times and conclude, on most occasions, to be nothing but mindless chatter. I am asking you to begin a reconnection to this inner voice and start listening more closely to what it is saying. The voice could sound just like you, a friend, or even a loved one that has passed on. Maybe it is the voice of a spirit guide or angel? Once you hear the voice, I want you to go a step further and ask the voice a question. All you have to do is ask for guidance from it, and it will answer you back. This practiced skill is required to bring you to deeper understanding of your energy being: that part of you that sends messages back and forth to the universe and creates your living and being from one moment to the next.  All you have to do in this moment is to let go and trust for a while with a willingness to listen and believe in a wisdom that exists in and outside of you—powerful beyond your imagination—but only if you are willing.

Finding Your Inner Voice—The Process

I have tried to simplify an approach that can help you connect to your inner voice in the steps that follow. Just like a trusted guide, the universe will send an answer to you from its intelligence, and your infinite voice inside will whisper the answer to you if you are ready to listen.

Listen and observe while you note the ways in which this voice responds back to you. I promise you will begin to experience and know this mystical and magical power in and around you. With practice, it becomes like your own personal GPS that will faithfully guide you in life toward anything you desire.

1. Close your eyes and sit in a quiet, comfortable, and peaceful place.

2. Take three full and deep breaths, in and out through the nose.

3. Allow the sights and sounds that surround you to be, as you embrace them and allow them to pass through you.

4. Observe the sounds, words, and messages you are hearing and gently acknowledge them.

5. What is the voice inside saying?

6. Take the knowledge that is being shared with you and reflect on it, even if the message is telling you something you don’t want to hear, for example, “You are full of anger or anxiety.” If this is the message you hear, then you need to listen and ask, “Why am I angry or anxious?”

7. When you receive your answer, take action in the real world to decrease your anger or anxiety. Ask the universe for help in doing this. It is the quickest way to suggestions that really work. You will be surprised at how effortlessly you can resolve lifelong issues when you listen to the insight downloaded to you from this divine source of intelligence within you.

8. Continue to go inside to listen to see what other wisdom your inner voice shares with you on a daily basis. Ask for guidance to address any concerns, questions, or confusion you might be having. Always ask this inner wisdom to guide you to the resources required to help resolve, support, or enhance the wisdom shared. Act upon this guidance in the real world.

9. Repeat the process above and tailor it to the support and guidance you most require. The responses are like magic because when we listen to our inner voice, it guides us to healing, peace, bliss, success, abundance, and even magic and miracles if we request it with devotion in our hearts.  Trust your instincts to identify the answer when it comes, in whatever way it chooses to be revealed to you, and listen to your inner voice for the final answer in the end. Take note of the transformations that will happen one after another to unfold the pathway to the resources you need and the answers you seek. Just like magic, they will appear.

What inspires you? What are you naturally good at? What do you know deep in your own soul? What do you gravitate toward? What makes you feel good and empowered? If you could do or be anything you wanted, what would it be? What do you like? What do you not like? What part of you hides inside that you know is “really you” but are afraid to express because you fear being mocked, judged, or silenced if you become it? The universe understands only truth. When we speak truth, live it, and become it, magical things happen. When you reflect on these questions and start answering them honestly, you are on your way to living an authentic life—and then, the universe comes to you with its magic.

Cindy Heath About Cindy Heath

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