The Dinner That Changed How I Show Up In My Relationship

Have you ever met someone and said to yourself,

“Wow! She is one of the most authentic, love-filled women I have ever met. A woman who walks her talk”?

In March of 2014 I atteRelationship Expert Stacey Martino & Publisher Linda Joynded a power-packed business event in Connecticut and was super excited to meet some of my esteemed columnists and private clients in person for the first time.

One of those amazing women being Aspire Magazine’s newest addition to the family – Love and Passion Coach Stacey Martino – our Expert Relationship columnist.  Her authenticity, passion and zest for life were contagious and I knew I had met a soul sister.

The Dinner that Changed How I Look at My Relationship

Stacey and her amazing husband Paul graciously invited me and some of Aspire’s other columnists and contributor’s to a sacred dinner that evening. Of course, the conversation at the dinner table turned to the topic of RELATIONSHIPS – and what happened next was soul-inspiring.

As dinner unfolded Stacey and Paul emotionally shared the intimate and painful moment that almost cost them their relationship 14 years ago.Stacey and Paul Martino -for interview page All of us at the table could feel the rawness of their experience as they openly shared their pain, struggle and the transformational journey that led them to the relationship they have today – one of unshakable love and unleashed passion.

Little could they have known that one of the most painful experiences of their lives would lead to the empowering work and proven Relationship Transformation SystemTM that is now supporting individuals around the world in transforming their relationships. WOO HOO!

Soon all the women at the table were opening up about where they were in their relationships and the areas they wanted to shift.  As I sat back and listened to the inspiring conversation, and took in the powerful insights and tips that Stacey and Paul shared, I came to the realization that a majority of women may have the SAME questions we did. Or they are struggling in their relationship and feel as if that is how it has to be.

I know I can speak for everyone at the table that night that watching Paul and Stacey together blew us  away!

Their love and respect (and passion) for each other was palpable!

Isn’t that what we all desire in our relationship?  I know I do.


That enlightening dinnStacey_Martino2_250x250er conversation last year is why I’ve invited Stacey to join me on Feb. 12th to share the secrets to reigniting the passion in your relationship!   Since learning some of the eight essentials to relationship transformation from Stacey & Paul during dinner that night, my relationship has really shifted! I was so curious that I took one, yes, just one, of their strategies from that night’s conversation and within three weeks my honey was asking “What happened on that business trip? I bow down to Stacey and Paul for giving me the strategies to show up fully in my 20 year relationship and keep the fires burning on every level. I want that for you too!

My results are why I am super excited that Stacey is joining me live on Feb. 12th at 8 pm ET for this complimentary, energy-filled call.  Stacey has agreed to tell us her secret strategies for reigniting the passion and creating a magnificent love affair!!

Did you know that it only takes ONE partner to transform a relationship…ANY relationship? This is a game changer for YOUR relationship!

When you reserve your seat you will receive 2 SPECIAL BONUSES  from Stacey! Immediate access to her brand new 3 part transformational Video Series “How to Reignite the Passion for More than Just One Night” as well as her Special Report: 5 Things You are Doing Right Now That Are Zapping the Passion Right Out of Your Relationship and How to STOP It!




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  • DrMinette

    I find Stacy’s story so inspiring. So glad you are bringing her gifts to more women. And yes, I have been blessed to have those experiences with other women that are so magical and so priceless to me. I love the joy you share with the world, thank you for your work!

  • Nadia

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I remember getting married at age 20, 18 years ago, and people telling us stuff like this :
    To the hubby: ” just watch she will turn into a housedragon in just a few weeks!” And me : ” just wait! You are in love now on cloud 9… We will see where you are in a few years! Well, I am happy to report that we are still in love, best friends, romantic and crazy about each other 🙂 But like Stacey and Paul we also almost did not make it. So I can relate to their story. Don’t let anybody tell you that married life is without passion, love, laughter or butterflies in your tummy. It is not true! It is exactly that which you want it to be. BOOM!!!