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If you are an author, coach, consultant, conscious/spiritual entrepreneur who would like to bring your business in front of a global market while supporting Aspire’s “Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women” campaign we invite you to submit your information to us.

The success of this conscious business model lies in the integrity and collaborative effort of EVERY partner doing what they have committed to do.  The commitment is not only to Aspire and the entire collaborative of partners but to the conscious business shift occurring in the world.

In exchange for placement in as a Team Inspiration Joint Venture partner you agree to:

  • Provide a quality free downloadable gift to all women who accept the free Aspire subscription offer.
  • Agree to include a 125 x 125 banner with link in your monthly emails or at the very least agree that each email will include a small text ad with link.  (These are the most important of the requirements and must be committed to honor the integrity of the partnership.)
  • Agree to one of the following web site posts (we understand there are different types of websites):1.  125 x 125 Mission to Inspire banner on your Home pagewith link2.125 x 125 Mission to Inspire banner on your RESOURCES page with link|
  • For those with Social Media access you will post at least two Tweets or Facebook posts per month about the Aspire Free Subscription offer and free gifts-   (text provided by Aspire)
  • For those who are part of online women’s communities, blogs etc you agree that you will post at least two posts and links per month back to the Aspire Free Subscription offer and free gifts  (text provided by Aspire)
  • Each partner receives a unique affiliate tracking link.  (Out of integrity for all who have committed to the collaboration we will touch base once if we notice a partner has not fulfilled his/her commitment. A second time will result in removal from the partnership. (We have discovered over the 9 months we’ve run the program that we do not have to check on partners – the collective reaches out to Aspire when they notice a co-partner is not fulfilling their end of promoting each other’s businesses.  Integrity is not something easily replaced once lost.)

The online form below provides Aspire with the information necessary to allow us to learn more about your business and to ensure that your product, service and business are in alignment with Aspire’s Mission. Once you’ve submitted your information for consideration, we will review what you have sent us and within 5 business days of your submission, you will be notified via email of your status and whether you have been accepted as a Team Inspiration partner.

Upon acceptance you will receive an email from  [email protected] containing important information about how to access all the files you will need to fulfill your end of the Partner Agreement** including banners, links, tweets and more.  With each issue, you will receive an updated email with text upgrades so that all our partners can keep their messaging fresh and relevant.


Please be sure to gather ALL of the required materials before you start the submission process, here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Your contact info, including name, email and website URL
  • Subscriber info including: Size of your email/newsletter list, Facebook friends/fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and any other social media lists where you will be promoting the Mission to Inspire.
  • Your  bio (50 words or less) to be included on the Team Inspiration Partner page (click here to view samples)
  • The name of your gift and a gift description (40 words or less)
  • A professional looking photo (120×150)
  • A dedicated web page where new subscribers can claim your free gift.  You will be required to provide the exact URL. (click here to view sample)

Please Complete the Form Below to Apply:

  • List Information

    Below, please fill in the number of subscribers, followers etc. for each type of social media. These numbers are kept confidential and are used to track the global reach of the partner initiative. These fields are REQUIRED, therefore you MUST ENTER a number greater than or equal to zero in ALL fields.
  • Please enter a value greater than or equal to 0.
  • TI Partner "Meet The Team" Webpage Info

    This information will be used to create your profile on the "Meet The Team" page. This page is where potential subscribers can view the Team Inspiration Partners and learn more about you.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • TI Partner "Bonus Gift Page" Webpage Info

    This information will be used to create your gift profile on the "Bonus Gifts" page. This page is where subscribers can view the Team Inspiration Partners and download your free gift.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your headshot will be used on the "Bonus Gifts" page unless you upload a second image for your gift below. Most partners use their headshot!
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.