Write from the Heart: A Method That Probes Your Depths

The writing process I am about to describe is more than about healing, reducing stress and accessing creativity. It is about accessing the power of your heart, the most powerful electromagnetic field in the human body.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Write Your Book, Article, or Blog

If you want to write in a way that speaks to your readers—in a way that’s totally on-point with message and tone, and delivers information in a relatable and actionable way—you need to have a clear plan of action for your writing process.

Presence on the Page: Five Lessons Yoga Can Teach Us About Our Writing Practice

Imagine if you could come to the page with the same ease with which you come to your morning rituals; if you could show up every day without worrying about what you are going to produce or achieve. Chances are, it would revolutionize your writing. So, writer … Are you ready to practice?

How to Write When You’re “Not A Writer”

Have you convinced yourself that you’re not a writer? If so, whenever you sit down to write anything―a blog post, a marketing page, a tweet, or even a journal entry―does your inner critic pipe up with her favorite refrain: “No one wants to read that. You’re not a writer.”? It’s my intention that these tips will empower you to stop putting off your writing dreams and start taking steps toward your goals. You have something beautiful and unique to say, and anything that holds you back from saying it is doing you, and the world, a huge disservice.

How to Unleash Your Inner Genius Through Journaling

If you want to unleash your inner genius through journaling, all you need to do is learn to ask the right questions in your journaling practice! Great questions will create a feeling of expansiveness, lightness, or increased energy in your body. They will feel open, like doors leading out into a sunlit field. By contrast, unhelpful questions will create a sinking feeling or heaviness in your body, and will make you feel closed, or boxed in. Here are some great examples to get you started.

Get Into the Groove: How to Create―and Sustain―a Daily Writing Practice

Do you write every day? When we practice something every day, it becomes an inextricable part of the fabric of our lives. More, it becomes natural―something that flows with us, rather than something we have to struggle with. Daily writing practice―whether it’s journaling, writing a blog, or creating content for a book―is one of the best ways to tap into your authentic voice and get comfortable with how you show up on the page. Bryna Rene Haynes, Inspired Living Publishing’s chief editor shares her tips for creating, and sustaining, a daily writing practice.

The Power Of Journal Writing: Be The Author Of Your Own Life

Journal writing is an unfolding of your thoughts and is essential in helping you reflect on where you are truly at in all areas of your life. You will quickly discover that your journal is your confidante and best friend, helping you to design the life you have always wanted to live.

3 Ways to Plan for Success as a Published Author

Launching a book successfully in the world requires the combined efforts of many people. As authors, we shift from solo writing to team work as we engage with the publishing process and prioritize relationship building with publishing personnel, promotional partners, and naturally with our potential readers.

Developing such relationships is a fundamental cornerstone of published authorship today so my final word is to embrace it fully and welcome the opportunities that inevitably follow this path of conscious and creative contribution and connection.

3 Ways Conscious Writing Reveals Your Inner Joy

Conscious Writing is a holistic and practical approach to creative awakening that leads you to discover your true self and express your true voice on the page and in the world.
It’s the core teaching for anyone who has a message to share or a story to tell and feels inspired to make a positive difference in the world. It can be applied to any and all types of writing including journaling, blogs, books, social media and business communications, and is a way of blending soul and craft.

Heal Your Soul (By Having Tea with The Dark Goddess)

The Great Wheel of the Year has turned towards autumn and winter – seasonally the time to travel inward; reflection and introspection, rest and renewal and if you’re a smart cookie like me, scheduled dates for having tea with the Dark Goddess.