Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle! YES, You Can Live Your Dream Life!

Living a life or working in a job that doesn’t feed your soul, bring you joy or allow you to show up as your authentic self can a drain to your joy, life energy and your ability to attract prosperity. Expert Columist Lisa Marie Rosati shares how honoring herself and the vision in her heart led to the creation of her successful global lifestyle brand and some of the perks of living a laptop lifestyle.

5 Benefits to Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle™

Drumroll please!!! My expert column in Aspire will now be called “Living the Goddess Laptop LifestyleTM and will be dedicated to teaching ambitious, soulful women how to create an abundant, purpose-filled life, and prosperous laptop business they love!

Is Clutter Sabotaging Your Peace of Mind & Success?

Running a business and a busy household can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to have your space, time and mind support you. With these strategies you can create the time and space to create a Rockstar life and business!

Too Busy? 10 Decluttering Strategies to Boost Productivity!

Most mompreneurs are too busy. There, I said it. Most of us are great at supporting our businesses, our clients and our families, but we just don’t seem to be that focused on those niggly maintenance tasks! However, it’s been proven over and over again that a clutter free environment makes space for calm, and generates much more productivity for most people. If you’re life feels disorganized and overwhelmed, no matter what your excuse is, it usually can be loosely translated to some variant of: “I’m doing nothing to keep it organized right now”. Here are 10 decluttering strategies to boost your productivity

Workaholic Cures for Mompreneurs

Mompreneurs, are you working too much? When you run your own business, and you make squeezing every last moment out of your waking hours your ‘normal’, it won’t be long before you’re feeling exhausted, wiped out, disconnected and resentful. Today more than ever before, Mompreneurs need to be the cause of balance in their lives. Here are five workaholic cures to support you in doing so.

3 Simple Self-Care Strategies for Mompreneurs

With everything that demands a mompreneur’s time, I’m living proof that self-care is a critical ingredient for sanity and success. When I consistently focus on business tasks and then add mom tasks to the list, I run out of time for rejuvenation. It doesn’t take long before I’m wiped out, tired, feeling terrible and resentful. I’ve learned that it’s so important to flip this triangle upside down so I fill myself up – and then can continue to give, nurture and support my family and my clients. I share 3 of my simple yet powerful self-care strategies especially for mompreneurs.

5 Sanity Strategies for Successful Mompreneurs

Do you have your own business as well as support the needs of a busy, growing family? Then you are a Mompreneur and know the delicate juggling act that includes the MANY different aspects of managing your tasks, supporting your family, getting things done – and feeling like you have a life of your own! Here are 5 strategies to help you begin aligning your life and creating the systems you need to work more efficiently.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Sanity over the Holidays

During the holidays it is inevitable that more is requested and required of us leading to higher stress levels and physical fatigue and burnout. Below are a few tips you can use to ease the overwhelm and actually enjoy the holidays.

5 Time Management Habits that are Good for You (and your Business)

As busy entrepreneurs when we focus, we can complete more projects and in turn make a bigger impact for our clients. How then can we use good habits to get more done in a day?

Field of Dreams or Struggling Entrepreneur? It Is All About the Marketing

Like so many heart-centered entrepreneurs maybe you were under the impression that “If I build it, they will come.” And I think we have all learned the hard way that this just doesn’t happen. Creating a successful business with money, clientele, time off, and flexibility all begins with how you market your business. Trust me when I tell you it’s all about the marketing.