Leaning Into Trust

Inspirational share of a personal experience of trusting and leaping off the cliff and how the divine is letting me know I am supported in this big change. Inviting the reader to feel the fear and do it anyway and notice the signs from the divine.

Transforming Your Relationship: The Space Within the Moment (TM)

When you react or respond to a trigger, in that split-second, there is something that Relationship Expert Stacey Martino refers to as “the SPACE within the moment”. In that moment you have the choice to respond with love or fear/anger. In this vulnerable post Stacey shares an intimate story from 20 years ago about a moment when she was not aligned with her best self and how Anthony Adragna’s response of love and kindness created a friendship that lasts today. Her story will have you asking yourself, “How am I choosing to respond in the space within the moment?”.

4 Ways to Master the Mindset of Trust

How can we navigate through difficult life challenges such as divorce, selling a home, relocation, financial difficulties, loss of a loved one, witnessing a catastrophic event or hearing the news of a devastating life threatening diagnosis(whether yourself or a family member)?

Trusting Ourselves and Letting Go

Trusting ourselves and letting go are two of the most important spiritual principles we can practice. These two principles are synergetic: the more we let go, the more we learn to trust ourselves; and the more we trust ourselves the more we can let go.

Intuition: 6 Tips to Find Your Inner Wisdom and Personal Path

I found out the hard way that not following your inner wisdom or intuition is like being lost and being too proud to ask for directions, all the while having a functional GPS system on board. Women’s Life Recovery Coach Mal Duane shares six tips to reconnect with your intuition and discover your personal path.

The Path of a Firewalker

Firewalkers are those who have experienced their own personal fires – whether through external events that cause grief or simply the internal angst of what it means to be human. For a Firewalker, the power lies in the willingness to allow fire to penetrate their souls while they seize the opportunity to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Trust the Process

I’m learning to trust the process…
For most of this lifetime I’ve tried to control the majority of my outcomes. I liked being the woman who made things happen. I excelled at getting my way. Not anymore. The more I try to push my agenda, the more anxious and agitated I become. Trying to manage every little thing is exhausting. Can you relate?

Soulfully Being: Spirit vs. Ego

Have you ever felt as though there were two opposing forces inside of you, each pulling in opposite directions? There is – Ego vs. Spirit. Discover seven keys to cultivating a stronger relationship to Spirit that leads to full self-expression, freedom, joy, peace, and fulfillment. When you become more conscious about the nature of these forces, you can learn to access this all-knowing, wise, and powerful force more consistently.


Nancy and her husband were busy building a log home with their two sons while living off the grid in rural Snohomish, Washington. Faced with tragedy Nancy did something she hadn’t ever done before, she prayed for a miracle to a Higher Power she didn’t know. What she found was a more compassionate, tender loving, intimate relationship with her husband.

The ‘Present’ of Practicing Presence

Experiencing the power of presence is a little like looking at one of those holographic pictures that were popular a few years ago on calendars and posters. It appears two-dimensional, but if you look at it a little differently, another, three-dimensional picture magically leaps into view. The other picture was there all along, but until you looked in a particular way, you couldn’t see it, even though it was right in front of your eyes.