Letting Go of What You Think Should Happen

Many of us are caught up in the “making things happen” kind of mindset. We push ourselves and try to force things to happen. There’s a lot of tension and a lot of trying to control and manipulate things in a way to force them to happen. There isn’t a level of trust there.

To get into a truly creating kind of mindset we have to be willing to let go. We have to surrender a little bit and trust in the process. We have to trust that while something may not make sense right away, that it is going to all come together someway, somehow.

How to Have More Time: Simple Shifts to Have More Time For What Really Matters

When we learn to shift time, our relationships become more rewarding, our time spent alone is richer, our aging is more satisfying, our work is more fruitful and our stress and anxiety are less paralyzing, or even nonexistent.

Take Stock of Your Life: The Art of Self Reflection

As we step through the doorway from one year to the next, it’s natural to do as Janus does: look back and ahead. But this year, instead of just reflecting on the past year or making New Year’s resolutions, consider using this first part of the year to take stock of your life.

The Art of Letting Go

Whether you’re letting go of a cherished idea or person or a vision of how life was supposed to be, it can feel excruciating to leave something or someone behind. It can feel as though you’re losing a part of yourself. Sometimes you might even feel attached to your anger and resentment.

However, letting go can be an empowering act, as it forces you to develop important resources like courage, compassion, forgiveness and love.

Surrendering Our Sorrow

All of us yearn for happiness and love. Yet most of us are visited at some point by sorrow as well. In this special feature Marianne Williamson shares her insights on suffering and sorrow from her new book, Tears to Triumph.

Energy Gathering: Intention, Creativity and Hawaiian Teachings

In order to create anything, we have to have the energy to do it. Using intention, creativity and Hawaiian teachings, learn a powerful practice to tap into energy and find support you never knew you had.

6 Sacred Principles of Feminine Creation

Life is an alchemical process and its main purpose is to refine our souls into their purest possible state so that we can create magic, beauty and healing in the world. In this article I share 8 sacred principles to guide you on your sacred path of transformation.

Conscious & Creative Self-Care for Women in Transition

Nurturing ourselves at every level opens up the contraction we inevitably feel when experiencing challenges of any kind. Our journey of self-discovery leads us increasingly to let go of who we think we should be and connect with a deeper level of inner truth; our true self, the eternal and unchanging part of us that lies beyond our anxieties and fears. A conscious and creative path includes caring for all aspects of ourselves – body, mind, emotions and soul. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Infinite Love. Connect With the Essence of Who You Truly Are

Here’s a heart-opening exercise to connect with feelings of worthiness and self-love. It’s essential to be patient and gentle with yourself as you begin to heal your heart from the inside out. It can take time to shift a perspective that you’ve been operating from for most of your life.

Are You Ready To Take A Risk And Start Living Life On Your Own Terms?

Letting go of expectations others have or you have for yourself is difficult. Yet, when you learn to let go and take that risk, you begin living your life on your own terms! Isn’t that what we all long for?