Becoming Friends with Your Shadow in Order to Live and Love Fully

It’s time to become friends with your Shadow. When you do the inner work that’s needed to own your Shadow, then you get to own, accept, embrace, honor and love ALL of yourself….not just certain pretty parts….but ALL of you. Working with your Shadow is one of the most effective ways to lovingly bring your true self out of the shadow and into the light. Transformational Thought Leader Joanna Lindenbaum shares 3 examples of what happens when you reject a natural part of you as well as some journaling prompts to open up the inquiry.

6 Ways to Increase Self-Awareness and Live in Joy

Creating a habit of self-reflection and soul listening allows you to focus on what’s important to you. By centering into your hearing your soul’s whispers, you are able to understand that deep sense of self so many are searching for. It is in this habit that you fully understanding yourself, your desires and find the courage to forge your way forward. Master Soul Coach® Laura Clark shares 6 ways to increase your self-awareness.

5 Ways to Honor Your Intuition by Tapping into Your Braveheart

It often starts as a tiny knowing in your heart, maybe an intuitive urge to take your life a new direction. It feels so right, so aligned, and you start to move in the direction of your dream when suddenly you hear that little voice pop up–the voice of fear and ego. Suddenly you find yourself questioning everything. Sheila Callaham shares 5 ways you can honor your intuition by tapping into your Braveheart.

Two Meditation Secrets to Befriend the Ego

We hear a lot about the ego nowadays. We hear how it’s bad and we should transcend it. And that we should seek enlightenment because then we’d somehow be more worthy. The thing is, the ego is our friend, and through meditation we can learn to befriend our ego. Here are two meditation secrets to help you quiet your mind and balance your personality self with your spiritual self.

What I Learned From Participating in a Traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Author Emily Madill shares her experience of participating in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony for the first time. Still processing the experience, Emily shares the three key highlights of learning that stand out as important and worthy of sharing with others. Perhaps they may resonate with where you are on your journey.

Living a Soul-Hearted Life: 5 Spiritual Practices to Strengthen Your Trust Muscles

Trusting yourself requires more than taking deep breaths and saying positive mantras; it takes a conscious connection to your divine source. To trust is to boldly lead with your heart, and reveal your truth. When you trust yourself, you venture into the unknown territory of your own being. It doesn’t necessarily mean performing feats of external bravery and strength, but rather acknowledging your internal fears, hurts, and imperfections, and acting in the face of them. Trusting yourself to let go and embrace your vulnerabilities is one of the most courageous choices you can make. Intuitive Psychologist Dr. Debra Reble shares 5 spiritual practices to help you strengthen your trust muscles.

Discovering Your Soul’s Truth through Sacred Soul Journaling

Clarity and peace of mind come from the power of your soul’s pen. The pen leads you to understanding from the inner realm of your soul showing you in greater detail your divine purpose and igniting passion from within. Master Soul Coach Laura Clark shares the benefits of Sacred Soul Journaling™ and how it gives you permission and inspires you to take action to follow your dreams even in those pesky moments of self-doubt.

Living a Soul-Hearted Life: 10 Sacred Keys to Soul-Hearted Living

Intuitive Psychologist Dr. Debra Reble, Aspire Magazine’s Expert Columnist, shares her ‘10 Sacred Keys for Soul-Hearted Living’ to help you to tap into your divine energy source, create the fullest expression of yourself, and share this inspired experience of life with others. These are the same heart-centered principles that she has been successfully guiding her private clients through for many years and has fully embraced herself.

Frequency: The Secret to Connecting With Your Spiritual Guidance

Your ability to connect with your spiritual Guidance is related to your vibrational frequency. Frequency is a delicate thing. Many situations, both physical and emotional, affect your frequency. Dr. Margaret Paul shares two ways we can increase our frequency as well as some situations and choices that lowers your frequency and your ability to connect.

Four Secret Gifts from the Three Wise Women for Birthing Miracles

Are you feeling pregnant this holy season and New Year? For whatever reasons, your “babies” remain unseen. You yearn to share your words and creative projects! Why not open the gifts of the Three Wise Woman to deliver your miracles?