Embrace the Rightness of You

With the world constantly telling you that you’re wrong to be the way you are, it’s hard to feel good about yourself. Learn how you can let go of anxiety, appreciate yourself, and embrace your true nature.

It’s Not Rejection; It’s Lack of Alignment!

Many people avoid asking out of fear of rejection. What if rejection really doesn’t exist? Learn how you can view “no” as simply data designed to move you forward in life.

4 Small Steps to Make Time for Your Heart’s Desires

Life is a constant balancing act between your needs and other’s expectations, but you can still make time for your heart’s desires. Here are 4 steps to consciously make room for you and what you really want in your life.

Embrace Your Midlife Crisis

It’s taken years of work, but the lesson I’ve learned is an important one: if you view life as a roller coaster of ups, downs and adventures, it will become one. If you view it as a safe place to “just be,” it will become one. It’s all about coming to a place of acceptance.

Living a Radically Engaged Life: How Choosing to Live Radically Engaged Changed EVERYTHING

Expert Columnist and Life and Business Coach Marianne MacKenzie shares how hitting rock bottom led her to create and Live a Radically Engaged Life™. In the first column of her multipart series, Marianne shares 3 guideposts to help you identify how you are currently living and showing up in your life and how to begin living as a Radically Engaged Woman™.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: The Power of Desire

Are you living the life of your dreams? Or do you secretly wish things were different? “Desire is the first key to accelerating wealth, health, and happiness because whenever you have a wish, dream, hope, or intention, you plant a seed from which a new reality can grow. Whether this seed will flourish or remain hidden underground depends―you guessed it―on your beliefs. Expert Columnist Ann Sanfelippo shares some simple ways to open the connection to your Source and true self.

Ten Ways to Cultivate Your Intuition

We don’t get much education in developing or trusting our intuition, and like a muscle, it gets stronger with practice, so here are ten fun, easy ways to cultivate your intuition.

6 Simple Ways to Make an Impact

Making a difference doesn’t have to originate only from the work you do in the world. You can make an impact and add value to the lives of others on a daily basis, be it at the office, with your clients, at home, or in every conversation. Based on the acronym for the word IMPACT, here are 6 simple ways to make an impact every day.

3 Steps to Transform Your Self-Sabotaging

As we grow, stretch and step into the boldest vision we have for our lives it’s quite possible that old habitual self-sabotaging beliefs or habits will rear their ugly heads. The damage occurs when we allow that temporary self-sabotaging event to define us in some way and create a limiting belief about ourselves. Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie shares the 3 steps that she uses with her clients to support them when self-sabotage shows up.

Release the Struggle and Get Ready for a Quantum Leap!

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Staying open and curious allows new perspectives and opportunities to show up and support you in being the best version of yourself and birthing the dream in your heart . This openness, combined with proven tools, and inspired action can lead to Quantum Leaps on your journey shares Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie.