Why It’s Never Too Late to Go After Your Creative Dreams

Pursuing my creative dreams changed everything. If this is possible for me, then you can achieve your creative dreams too! Could your current position in life be the launching pad to the destiny you’ve always dreamed about?

How to Become a Better Creative Thinker

Creativity is not just a buzz word in business today, it’s an essential part of building a successful and profitable business that you love! Author Minette Riordan shares some great tips on how to become a better creative thinker. This is a valuable skill we can all benefit from nurturing!

Is it Time to Refresh Your Vision for Your Life and Business?

Have a clear vision and purpose for our life can help us to stay on track and reach our goals with less struggle and overwhelm. In this article, author Minette Riordan shares a fun activity to help you create an empowered life vision statement that will guide you to fulfilling your biggest dreams.

Feng Shui: Harmonizing Your Outer and Inner Worlds

You don’t need to be a compass-slinging wizard to receive the benefits of feng shui. Unifying the following ideas with your home and committing to daily “resetting” practices will organically begin the process of awakening your Goddess-Mama-Chi.

Why Gratitude?

When you cultivate a gratitude practice, by recognizing all the wonderful things that are happening in your life, you change and so does the world. Yes, it is possible to be grateful when you are challenged by a circumstance you don’t like as Spiritual Life Coach Monica Dubay discovered.

What My Fear Told Me In the Middle of the Night

I would never in a million years think that somewhere deep inside, I was actually afraid to succeed. Fortunately, I have ways to release fears. That’s what I teach, right?!

Back Yard Bliss

Getting outdoors and being in nature has shown to have many positive health benefits. So why not embrace and enjoy the warmth of the season while it is here? Extend your home from the inside and utilize your outdoor space. Why can’t it be beautiful too?!

When creating that oasis these are some things to consider….

How My Family’s Lice Adventure Turned into a Lesson in Compassion

How you feel about a situation depends on what thoughts you choose to focus on.

Does Your Morning Routine Matter During Summer?

The first ten minutes of your day are most important to set the tone for your day. When you decide to spend the start of your day in a way that is enjoyable, relaxing, and uplifting for you, your energy raises and momentum builds.

First Step to Shifting Overwhelm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the demands and expectations of your everyday life? I have a hard time admitting this, but I have been feeling this way lately. My oldest is graduating from high school. Major stress and obligation.