The Misconceptions (and Secrets) of Self-Worth

If you don’t (yet) love yourself and don’t (yet) assume others just can’t wait to love you, you are not alone. To help transform this epidemic, come join coach and author LiYana Silver as she shares three potent secrets to radiant yet humble self-worth.

Who You Are – Finding Your Self-Worth

Self-validation is vital to our health and well-being. To quote Deepak Chopra, “Only you can be the author of your own story”. How would you like your own story to read?

Boosting Your Self-Worth: Acknowledging Your Underlying Commitments

As we do the work of exposing our unconscious commitments, we gain the ability to see and tell ourselves the truth. We can step into a greater sense of worthiness—one that’s filled with compassion and gratitude for our child-self’s beliefs and commitments and commit to what we truly deserve as adults.

How This One Agreement Changed My Life

My first husband preyed on my fear based thoughts. He stalked my self-doubt. He encouraged my own inner judge and jury. Together, we agreed to eat each others toxicity. I agreed to the pain and suffering he dished out on a frequent basis. After all, he was just using his words in a similar fashion as his parents, my parents, and their parents before them.

Owning Your Inherent Worthiness

It’s time to deconstruct the myth that worthiness must be earned. Like the keys to the kingdom in every fairy tale we watched when we were little girls, it was within us all along. It is this realization – not a pill, a night cream, elixir, or magic potion – that awakens the Goddess within. To be a Goddess is to stand in the full knowledge of our inherent worthiness and in the presence of all full power. It is not a construct that we have to make perfect and then wear like a mask. The Goddess emerges from within.