Reaching Your Love-Based Goals: Overcoming Objections and Mindset Blocks

When it comes to your love-based goals, objections are just one of the ways mindset blocks can manifest themselves They can also appear as procrastination, a lack of focus, and never being able to find the time to work on your goals.

The Power of Practicing Self-Love

Positive affirmations train the mind in self-love and deep self-worth. YOU have immense value and talent to share with the world. Sometimes we forget that and treat ourselves poorly. We get burnt out or feel frustrated. A lack of self-love will keep you stuck and contributes to self-sabotaging behavior. You must nurture your need for self-love and act in self-care. You are worth the effort!

Five Ways to Nurture Yourself in Difficult Times

There is no more important time for self-nurturing than when we are experiencing grief and fear. And although it is a challenge, it is essential to find gentle ways to care for ourselves during these difficult times.

5 Steps to Renewing the Commitment to Yourself

Personally, I see spring as a time of re-birth, growth, and new beginnings. A time for reflection, and see where I am, so I can course-correct if I need to. We can always change things around if we’re not where we would like to be, but we also need to check how committed we are to the life we say we want.

Embrace Self-Love & Rock What You’ve Got

Rocking what you’ve got is SELF-LOVE at its finest! It’s about embracing yourself as you are in this moment. Knowing you are ENOUGH. Loving all of you, even if your body doesn’t look like OR act like what you think it should. It’s about reminding yourself you are worthy and dressing your best each day to reflect your worthiness.

The Power Of Our Bodies To Heal Our Stories: What I Learned Competing For Bellydancer Of The Year

The body stores memories, tucking them in bone and sinew. These untold stories shape how we carry ourselves and whether we open ourselves to new experiences – or unwittingly block opportunities we desire. What happens when we free those stories?

Love Your Scars: What The Korean Spa Teaches Us About Beauty

My daughter taught me how to love my body. Where I saw stretch marks, she wondered at their velvety texture. In the ladies’ shower at the Korean spa, I realize: we don’t spend nearly enough time around naked women.

You Are Not For Everyone

Someone told me this once: “You are not for everyone.” At first glance, I was a bit insulted. In the end, I realized being told I was not for everyone was actually a gift…a big one!

Re-friending The Body: 3 Daily Rituals

A surefire way to fall back in love with the body is to get to know her intimately, and treat her with the love and tenderness you would show a lover. Which means that sometimes, affirmations don’t cut it.

Self-Love for the World

If we want there to be more love in the world we must first start with loving ourselves. The love we show ourselves will then spill over to others and the ripples begin. Six ways to practice self-love everyday.