Selfishness versus Sacred Self-Care

Were you brought up to believe that taking care of yourself is selfish, and that to be a good person you need to be self-sacrificing? Not only is self-care not selfish, it is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and others. One of the greatest gifts we can give to our loved ones as well as to the world is our own happiness. Dr. Margaret Paul shares examples of what it means to be selfish and self-responsible.

Sacred Self-Care: What Does It Mean To Love Yourself?

One day, when I was dialoguing with my higher self, I asked her to teach me about the soul. She told me that our soul holds our gifts and talents, and is an individual manifestation of spirit, created in the image of God-which-is-love. She gave me a beautiful clear picture of our Divine essence being the aspect of the soul energy that is within our body, and showed me that the soul energy extends through the body and also surrounds it. She showed me that the part of the soul energy that extends outside of the body is the aspect that is in connection with the love and wisdom of universe.

When You Love Yourself, You Love Others

Whatever we do that is truly loving to ourselves – that is in the highest good of our soul’s journey on the planet – is also loving to others. It is never in our highest good to be mean to others, or to disregard others’ feelings and needs. But it is in our highest good to follow our inner guidance and do what really brings us joy and fulfillment.

Are You Playing Small?

We play small because it is easy and comfortable. We tolerate life as it is, but we want more. However, we stop ourselves before we begin. One way to ensure you don’t play small is to build your persistence muscle. Here are four steps to help you do so.

Value Your Own Opinions; Make Your Own Decisions

If you find yourself turning to others for their opinion on even the smallest decision it’s time to take back your power and learn to honor your inner guidance.

8 Ways to Love ALL of Who You Are

I’d already developed a concept of myself as not being good enough. I lived with that mindset through my mid-twenties until I decided it was time for a change. Today I embrace that I am a fabulous tapestry of imperfections, challenges, gifts, wisdom, and purpose. So are YOU! And that’s worth a whole lot of love! Here are 8 strategies I’ve used to love ALL of who I am, and that I use to help my clients and students.

An 11 Step Process for Shedding Life-long Insecurity

If insecurity, self-doubt and self-esteem issues are holding you back from living your truth create space in your schedule for this 11 step reflective process. Grab your journal and pen and dive deeper into your sacred truth.

Are You Hiding Your Light?

Is it time to step into your unique brilliance and let your light shine in the world? Have you been holding yourself back out of fear of what others will think? Embrace these 3 steps and begin to show the world your authentic self!

Do You Value Yourself? The Key to a Successful Life.

One of the biggest blocks to creating a successful life is directly related to your self-worth. If you aren’t feeling valued, then I encourage you to consider how much you value yourself. Your value comes from within.

Two Speed Bumps on the Road to Business Success: Self-Doubt and Uncertainty

Building a successful business can be difficult. Self-doubt and uncertainty (questioning whether your dream can actually come true) are two big reasons so many gifted women fail. This article shows how to avoid these pitfalls.