Living a Radically Engaged Life! Set Down Your Phone & Turn ON Your Senses

In our information age it becomes more challenging to turn off the sensory overload and go within. Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie shares 3 of her favorite go-to ways to unplug from information overload and connect with your inner wellspring of knowledge.

Slow Down & Listen

Often, goals and resolutions are made from a place of fear and obligation. What if
this year you chose to create goals and resolutions from a place of love and authenticity?

The Power of Tapping into and Expressing Your Creative Side

Many of us spend most of our waking hours in our logical, structured left brains. However, there is much evidence supporting the value of tapping into your creative side (right brain) to promote health and enhance healing. This article shares some of the evidence, and some simple yet powerful processes for tapping into and expressing your creative side.

Let Go of Validation and Own Your Happiness

Being authentic life means freeing yourself from external validation. It’s helpful from time to time, but we don’t need to rely on it. You can take charge of your own happiness so you can feel whole and complete, no matter what.

Let Go Of Your Measuring Stick: Embrace Who You Are

How often do you compare yourself to others? More importantly, how does it feel when you do? When we find ourselves in these negative spaces, it is never truly about the other person. It has to do with how secure we are with ourselves, and how connected we are to our truth. Measuring sticks are good for one thing: to help you remember how far you have come and how amazing you have always been. Here are a few of my favorite practices that help me let go of my measuring stick and embrace who I am. If they resonate with where you are on your journey, give them a try.

5 Tips to Bust Through Your Fears and Own Your Life Purpose

While living your life purpose, your soul’s calling, is one of the greatest joys in life, it also puts you on the fast-track to massive personal and spiritual growth because it will challenge you to your core. You have the chance to become your greatest self, and that is amazing.
But you ask, How do I move through the fear?
Here are my 5 tips and strategies that have helped me own my message and live my purpose:

10 Signs You Are a Highly Sensitive Badass

After years of self-exploration, learning, diving into deep self-care and practicing true self-love, I now know how wonderful like can be, and I am on fire to help bring awareness to people like me and teach what I’ve learned to others. If you’re highly sensitive or empathic, my goal is to help you discover your gifts, find your inner power, and celebrate yourself just as you are.

3 Ways to Use Creative Play to Relieve Holiday Stress

Being a wife, mom and business owner is challenging enough. Add to that shopping, holiday parties and house guests and you have the perfect recipe for stress! Creative play is a powerful tool for helping you to relax and stay present in the moment, especially during the busy holiday season.

7 Empowering Ways to Value Yourself in Your Relationships

It’s time to stop searching for love and validation in the outside world and start loving yourself first. Zinnia Gupte shares 7 empowering ways to just that.

Miracle Messengers: How Your Feet Communicate Your Soul’s Wisdom

Imagine walking along the beach when suddenly your toe starts speaking to you. While this might seem like a scene from a strange fairytale, your feet are always talking to you—sharing miraculous wisdom and guidance. Once you learn how to understand what they’re saying, you’ll receive incredible insights from your soles and your soul. With Chinese Reflexology, you’ll be able to hear the powerful messages of your feet, and I’d be delighted to be your sole translator—bad pun intended!