How Spirituality & Personal Development Influence Mindset 

Spirituality and personal development are a huge part of cultivating a positive mindset and creating a success spiral. Why? Because this work helps you become more aware of your beliefs, actions, and motivations—and when you have an awareness of something, it’s a lot easier to change it if it isn’t supporting you.

How to Discover Your Personal Truth and Find the Courage to Live by It

Listening to your heart, finding out who you are, what your truth is at any time in your life, and having the courage to follow that, may not be simple. But it is a skill. And, once developed, it is an art that when practiced leads to walking on the path of joy and abundance. Certified Soul Coach® Laura Clark shares several ways you can begin to hear the truth within.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Demonstrating Self-Care in Your Bedroom Design

Set the foundation for self-care in your life by creating a safe, supportive and nurturing bedroom space in which to renew yourself and set the energy for your life. Feng Shui and Certified Soul Coach® Felicia D’Haiti shares five concepts to consider when creating a space that reflects self-care.

5 Symptoms of Self-Neglect and 5 Self-Nurturing Cures

Have you been listening to and attending to everyone else’s needs but your own lately and found yourself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Have you been living this way for so long that it just feels normal? Well if so you are not alone. Many people, especially women, focus on meeting everyone else’s needs in their personal and professional lives, which leaves little time and energy left to meet their own needs.

Nurturing Peace in Your Family Through Mindfulness

When we include mindfulness into our family life, we can be more present, open hearted and aware of ourselves, which benefits everyone! The power of mindfulness is that it allows us to become more aware of ourselves while creating space around us to be more accepting, compassionate and kind to ourselves and others as a result.

A.R.I.S.E: The 5 Stepping Stones on the Path Back to Your Authentic Self

What I’ve discovered is that every single one of us is on a unique and personal journey through this life. Because we all carry a specific vision, mission, talent, and varying life experiences, life leads us each down different paths as we all seek the way to come home to ourselves.

Living a Radically Engaged Life: How YOU can find JOY this Season

Self-care is our responsibility. The way you care for yourself is an indicator of how evolved as a human being you are. REALLY? Yes, it’s true. An evolved person understands that our body/mind/soul are all interconnected and taking extreme care of all are imperative to experiencing JOY.

The Power of Practicing Self-Love

Positive affirmations train the mind in self-love and deep self-worth. YOU have immense value and talent to share with the world. Sometimes we forget that and treat ourselves poorly. We get burnt out or feel frustrated. A lack of self-love will keep you stuck and contributes to self-sabotaging behavior. You must nurture your need for self-love and act in self-care. You are worth the effort!

5 Practices to Shift Unworthiness into Self-acceptance

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, it’s just not good enough, or that you just don’t measure up? Do you ever feel like you don’t really deserve the good things in life, like love, success, or happiness?

Your Heart: The Gift of Inspiration

The heart is the wellspring of our inspiration for life. The characteristic wisdom of the heart is in how it inspires us to live more deeply and fully and to create from our gifts. The energy of love resides throughout the entire body. It is the foundational energy upon which our creative inspirations are born.