Transforming Your Relationship: Creating a Vision Plan for Your Relationship

In part two of the Transforming Your Relationship column series, How to Create Your Unshakable Love & Unleashed Passion in 8 Simple Steps, Relationship Expert and #AspireMag Expert Columnist Stacey Martino shares step one: Seeing. Seeing is all about creating a vision plan for your relationship. It’s a foreign concept for most of us. We fully accept that we need goals and a vision for our business, health, wealth and so many other areas of our lives…but our relationship? Learn why it’s important and how to get started.

Transforming Your Relationship: The Space Within the Moment (TM)

When you react or respond to a trigger, in that split-second, there is something that Relationship Expert Stacey Martino refers to as “the SPACE within the moment”. In that moment you have the choice to respond with love or fear/anger. In this vulnerable post Stacey shares an intimate story from 20 years ago about a moment when she was not aligned with her best self and how Anthony Adragna’s response of love and kindness created a friendship that lasts today. Her story will have you asking yourself, “How am I choosing to respond in the space within the moment?”.

3 Lessons about the Real Nature of Love

Love is without conditions or terms if it is to be lasting. We were all put on this earth to experience love in many different ways. To experience the love you want, you must show up as love. The vibration of love that you put out to the Universe will be a magnet for attracting love into your life. Here are 3 lessons I learned about the real nature of love.

4 Sassy Tips to Mesmerize Your Beloved

A woman that’s able to confidently mesmerize men, is a woman who embraces her feminine nature. This is the symbiotic nature of the masculine and feminine – the essence of Yin and Yang. Beautiful Ones – You mesmerize men with your Attitude, Intellect, Beauty and Sex. This is where you align your inner and outer self.

What My Date Night Taught Me About Mindfulness

Cultivating our important relationships is key to our connection and feeling of belonging. Practicing mindfulness is helping me nourish the seeds of the relationships in my life. A recent date night with my husband taught me the importance of mindfulness.

What Does It Take to Have a Rock Solid Relationship?

Sought-after Relationship Expert Stacey Martino shares, “You create a rock solid relationship in each moment, each decision, each action you take. Your actions are either creating a rock solid relationship or they are not. It is that simple.” Learn how you can create a rock solid relationship starting today.

Transforming Your Relationship: Are You in an Accidental Relationship? One Without a Vision?

You are creating the relationship you are living in. With every moment, every decision, every word, every action, every experience you participate in, you are creating your relationship every day. If you have never thought about it this way or done this work, the relationship you are in today is an Accidental Relationship. A relationship created moment by moment, primarily unconsciously and in reaction to the other person. It’s time to shift that.

Why Happily .Ever. After. are the 3 Most Dangerous Words for Women in Love

Marianne Williamson calls Relationship Expert Arielle Ford ‘a priestess of love.” Read Arielle’s cover feature in the December/January issue of #AspireMag today. Happily. Ever. After. Even the smartest women fall into a love trance thinking that now that they have found their soulmate, the love of their life, he will naturally know how to make them happy, satisfied and content. Sure, they’ve heard that relationships take work, and yet they believe that their “soulmate love” will be effortless. I’m sure you’re wondering, “How do I know if he is my soulmate?” It’s a great question because there are so many myths and misconceptions about this one word. When we understand the true nature of a soulmate relationship, then we can reinvent, reinvigorate and rediscover the person we first fell in love with.

Reignite the Fun and Flirt in Your Relationship

Fun, playfulness, romance and flirting….it’s one of the first things to fly out the window when we have the house, the kids, the work and all the other stuff we have to manage!

Transforming Your Relationship: Inner Wisdom or Fear? Which Are You Listening To?

I’ve had flashes of inner wisdom during intense moments of my life. Inner guidance that came through like a lightning bolt during minutes of intense fear or risk. I always felt “lucky” at those times, like God was with me. Then about two years ago, my spiritual journey catapulted me to the next level. Learn how my life changed dramatically and how yours can as well!