Autumn Self Care Practices: The Goddess Lifestyle Way!

Autumn is a time when nature beckons you to of let go of what no longer serves. Just as nature does this is the time for our magical work too. It’s the time of year to pull off any unnecessary armor you’ve accumulated and begin to place your focus inward. Goddess Creatrix Lisa Marie Rosati shares some of her favorite self-care practices for autumn.

Connecting with the Energy of the Seasons

Living in harmony with nature is essential to nourishing our soul and feeling more balanced and joyful in our lives. We have the ability to use our homes as a tool to connect us to nature. This connection to nature will make us feel less isolated, less stressed and more in tune with ourselves as well as the world around us. If we reflect upon the seasons, each one brings its own characteristics, associations, and energy that we can use as a foundation to bring more balance, joy, and anything else we desire into our lives.

Conversations with the Goddess – 3 Steps to connecting with Gaia

Every living thing has a connection with Gaia (Mother Earth), many of us recall the connection we have had across all of our lifetimes here. That connection creates strong healing for each of us and the world as a whole. We are just that… a world of people… broken into factions that have forgotten the true connection with Gaia and each of our divine selves.

Sensuous Spring Fever

The seasonal rhythms are meant to be celebrated, nurtured and loved as all of nature is intended to be. When our patterns are ebbing and flowing according to their natural rhythms, our body is perfectly synchronized and performs at its peak.

Barefoot Beauty

Walking, playing, lying on the belly of Mother Earth is extremely healthy and brings happiness that we are not aware of until we try it. It is an immediate tonic for the spirit, mind and body. And oh so much fun.

Returning to the Garden

An African safari brought up the uncomfortable awareness of our role as predators on the planet, and so I offer some thoughts about returning to a place where peace prevails…

The Gift of Being Present

This article touches on the importance of being fully present in the moment as we live our lives. When we open ourselves up and surrender to being, we tap into the most wonderful magic.

When Women Come Together in Community, We Can Change the World

Women have been coming together in circle for centuries. In days gone by, it was often a tribe of women who ruled the community. While the origins of women’s circles are ancient, their lessons are as modern as the women who participate in them today. In my opinion, wise women’s circles represent the sacred circle of life.

Refuel Your Personal Power by Plugging into Mother Earth’s Strength

It seems like there are very few moments nowadays when you can be alone, in solitude. It is in moments of solitude that you can consciously shut out your inner interference and learn to hear and trust your inner wisdom. Discover some tips for using the elements of nature to access the wisdom within.

Soul Wise Living: Accessing the Wisdom Within

Solitude ~ it gives you the chance to know yourself and your soul brings you to your truth and your inner beauty and allows THAT to shine. It brings forth all the joy that resides inside each of us. But to do this, you must embrace being alone. We are so surrounded by interference that often times we do not even know HOW to be alone anymore. And, by turning off external interference, we come face to face with our own internal interference. It can be that voice of self-doubt or under appreciation. No wonder we do not often turn off the external! Who wants that?