Wake Up Your Voice with The Power of Nature

Whether you work speaking face to face with clients, on the telephone, via recorded classes or live video stream, your voice needs to be ready every moment and working with Mother Nature’s gift of embryonic sounds can make that happen.

10 Ways Specific Fermented Foods Can Improve Your Life

Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, a certified herbalist, a board-certified doctor of natural medicine, and one of the world’s most popular natural health bloggers shares a recipe for Purple Sauerkraut and 10 ways specific fermented foods can improve your life.

3 Simple No Cost Tips for Looking and Sounding Great!

As a survivor of chronic illness with multiple food allergies and sensitivities, I have had to take a different path in terms of health and beauty… I’ve found a variety of wonderfully inexpensive and effective options that meet my needs.

4 Tips For A Healthy Vacation

Summer vacation spells breaking free, indulging and having fun and that’s great but it does not have to come on the expanse of your health.
Whether your vacation is local or far, short or long and anything in between, the following tips can help you make it a healthy vacation with a few easy adjustments.

7 Ways To Grow Younger

Our bodies have an incredible and miraculous capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate beyond our wildest dreams. The picture of growing older that we see is the reflection of our choices, not something we are destined for.

Thriving With The Seasons – Summer

In the summer our energy is relaxing, outgoing and expansive. Think of trees and plants growing and long hot sunny days.


Embracing a healthy lifestyle and clearly envisioning empowering moments and thoughts, you will have more energy, focus and abundance that in turn will support good choices for you to create your best body, your best work and your best life.

Foods That Help With Cravings

Ahh, cravings! When you think about food cravings, typically the first thing that comes to mind would be some type of junk food. Elaine Gibson shares the different types of cravings and what types of foods are most often craved and offers alternative healthy options to replace unhealthy ones and suggests some great foods to add to your diet to balance your body and eliminate cravings.

Beyond The Physical – Why Food Choices Matter

When you feel connected to the world and to yourself you are pretty much unstoppable, you can heal from any condition and you achieve anything.

Each Day is an Invitation

Treat each day as an invitation to learn something new, seek new knowledge and make room for new things to come into your life by clearing out the old.