My Daughter’s Health Crisis Changed Everything—Especially Our Family Diet

Let me take you back to the day that changed everything. It’s 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon in April, I’m standing at the kitchen sink making dinner and heard grunting sounds. I turned to look over my shoulder to see my 8 year old daughter hunched and convulsing, drooling from the mouth…she was having a seizure. Though the next four months were the most challenging months of my life there was a silver lining. One that led to important changes in my family’s diet and health.

4 Steps to Holistic Skin Care

To be healthy, is to be whole. Meditation is a practical way for the entire self; mind, body and spirit, to achieve health, skin care included. Meditation is good for you, but did you know how good it is for your skin? A little known side effect from the practice of meditation is an acceleration of the healing process in skin cells.

Coming Out of the Medicine Cabinet

I also usually wake up very stiff and in pain from chronic illness. I don’t usually talk about my Lupus and other health challenges very much but in the last two months the messages and emails keep pouring in and I feel a Spiritual nudge to come out of the medicine cabinet.

Your Healthiest Holiday Season Yet!

Kick-off your holiday season with 7 healthy strategies that will transform December and jump-start your commitment to a healthy 2016! Try these 3 decadent Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Sugar-free recipes!

The Sugar Addiction Roller Coaster Ride!

For so many, sugar seems to have taken control of our lives. It’s a bittersweet battle that leaves us with a never ending journey of highs and lows. Learn some of the reasons why you crave sugar and begin to take back control of your life and your diet.

15 Signs You’re Healthy That Have Nothing To Do With the Scale

Many people believe that their weight defines the state of their health. In this empowering article I have defined 15 alternate ways to define oneself as “healthy.” You may be surprised that you are healthier than your scale implies.

Loving and Nourishing Yourself to Great Health with @LouiseHay

At 88 years of age, I can say that health and happiness are the most important tenets of my life. Many of you who have read my books know that I didn’t have an easy childhood, nor any of the advantages of money or education for much of my life. Then I discovered the one thing that changed the course of my health and my life: the belief that every thought we think is creating our future. This one little idea shifted the direction of my life. I found that if I could create peace, health, and harmony in my mind, I could create the same in my body and in my life.

The Body-Mind Connection: Digestive Health and Your Brain

Have you ever had a gut feeling? Or felt butterflies in your stomach? If so, then you have experienced the gut-brain connection. Some experts once believed that issues in the brain should be handled separately from the gut, but more research is showing that if you want to improve your moods, memory, and brain function, look to the health of your gut.

How to Embrace Pain and Give Birth to Your Dreams

If you can stay open to change, even in the face of great pain, you’ll receive the exact insights you need to live your best life.

Beauty Breath Meditation

The energy of the universe contains a sacred field of infinite magic power that every heart- filled intention can reach. Its potential to manifest beauty and all things sits inside the hidden vibratory waves it owns that can be awakened. Many sages, saints, and spiritual masters across the ages share their insights about this secret hidden force and guide us to go within to find it. There are secrets in our breath that can help link us to this higher energy if we can commit to breathing more consciously—and then the power of that breath becomes divine.