Nurturing Peace in Your Family Through Mindfulness

When we include mindfulness into our family life, we can be more present, open hearted and aware of ourselves, which benefits everyone! The power of mindfulness is that it allows us to become more aware of ourselves while creating space around us to be more accepting, compassionate and kind to ourselves and others as a result.

Feeling Drained? 5 Mindfulness Tips to Nourish Your Soul

Is your busyness robbing you of the relationship with the most important person in your life- yourself? Are you so busy with do-ing, accomplishing and running around that you are exhausted and feel you’ve become disconnected from your soul and authentic self? It’s time to slow down and become fully aware of each moment in your life. Bev Janisch shares 5 mindfulness tips to nourish your soul.

Wake Up & Stop: Starting Your Day with Quiet Time Is Key to Mindful Productivity

The practice of “waking up and stopping” gives us the opportunity to live our days more productively as well as in a more loving and compassionate manner. What better way is there to live our magnificent lives? Here are eight suggestions to begin your day with quiet time.