Embrace Your Midlife Crisis

It’s taken years of work, but the lesson I’ve learned is an important one: if you view life as a roller coaster of ups, downs and adventures, it will become one. If you view it as a safe place to “just be,” it will become one. It’s all about coming to a place of acceptance.

Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle! YES, You Can Live Your Dream Life!

Living a life or working in a job that doesn’t feed your soul, bring you joy or allow you to show up as your authentic self can a drain to your joy, life energy and your ability to attract prosperity. Expert Columist Lisa Marie Rosati shares how honoring herself and the vision in her heart led to the creation of her successful global lifestyle brand and some of the perks of living a laptop lifestyle.

How To Stay Healthy, Happy and Grounded While Running A Successful Business

As heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in the world, we face a number of stresses that can take an incredible toll on our bodies, minds, relationships, and our bottom lines. This article highlights these stresses, and provides a number of proven strategies to show you how to stay healthy, happy and grounded while running a successful business.

5 Steps to Skyrocket Your Holistic Biz to the Next Level

Oftentimes there is gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your Holistic Business. When you uplevel your thinking, your actions, and your goals you will create the thriving business you envision and will be able to serve the individuals you are here to serve. Expert Columnist Shelley Riutta shares the 3 mistakes many holistic practitioners make in growing their business and 5 steps to help you skyrocket your holistic biz to the next level.

4 Tips to Enjoy The Holidays and Celebrate Your Own Way

The holiday season doesn’t have to be about what everyone else says it is, or even what you think it is – or should be. You can let go of expectations, feel joyful and experience the holidays in ways that work for you.

Four Lessons on Finding Your Divine Path and Re-Authoring Your Story

Why do we allow ourselves to go in circles, knowing full well we are headed in the wrong direction? For anyone who is struggling on the wrong path, learn these four lessons on finding your divine path and re-authoring your story!

3 Keys to Creating a More Fulfilling Life

. If you start taking small steps toward fulfillment, it will bring more enjoyment, meaning and purpose to your entire life. Don’t stay stuck in the mire that has been dragging you down and stealing your joy – move forward and let your true self shine!

Activate Your Braveheart to Live Courageously & Authentically

What would it take for you to live with more authenticity? Activate your Braveheart with these five steps from Sheila Callaham today

10 Tips to Stop Doubting Yourself & Your New Business Idea

Doubt makes you feel it isn’t worth the risk to do something big, like start a new business and put yourself on the map. Monica Dubay shares ten tips to support you in quieting that doubting voice.

Letting Go of What You Think Should Happen

Many of us are caught up in the “making things happen” kind of mindset. We push ourselves and try to force things to happen. There’s a lot of tension and a lot of trying to control and manipulate things in a way to force them to happen. There isn’t a level of trust there.

To get into a truly creating kind of mindset we have to be willing to let go. We have to surrender a little bit and trust in the process. We have to trust that while something may not make sense right away, that it is going to all come together someway, somehow.