A New Way of Seeing the World

We hold many false perceptions in our mind. These false perceptions are purposeful blocks to our peace of mind. You are not who you think you are — and this is glorious news. You are not your fear, your anxiety, or your worry. Fortunately, you have an effective way to change your ways of seeing, and that is through your Inner Therapist.

8 Practices for Designing a POWERFUL 2018!

Lisa Marie Rosati, founder of the Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood and The School of Magical Living, shares some of her favorite practices to help you deepen your spiritual connection and live more inspired and powerfully in 2018.

Question Everything!

The quality of the questions we ask ourselves every day can determine whether we are moving toward a radically-engaged life, or staying planted in a life that leaves us longing for more. In this article, Inspired Living Publishing’s Chief Editor Bryna René Haynes explores the power of questions to rock our world, change our lives, and lift us into a deeper and more satisfying connection with ourselves.  

How Spirituality & Personal Development Influence Mindset 

Spirituality and personal development are a huge part of cultivating a positive mindset and creating a success spiral. Why? Because this work helps you become more aware of your beliefs, actions, and motivations—and when you have an awareness of something, it’s a lot easier to change it if it isn’t supporting you.

The 8 Energetic & Spiritual Traits of Wealthy Women

What does it mean to be wealthy? After interviewing over twenty pioneers of the new wealth consciousness, it is clear that it has very little to do with money.

How Vulnerability Moves Us from Fear to Courage

Vulnerability gives us the courage to love ourselves even when we feel unlovable, to make loving choices for ourselves even when we feel unworthy, and to open ourselves to love even when we are afraid of being hurt. Intuitive Psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Debra Reble shares a few heart-centered practices to move you from fear to courage.

Midlife Purpose Search: You Are Not Alone

Are you also facing midlife angst—watching your children let go of your hand and feeling a bit lost, constantly contemplating, “What’s next for me?” If so, perhaps the following ideas can help.

Using Your Home to Manifest Your Life

You have manifested everything in your home with your thoughts and emotions. You wanted a comfy, tan couch and made it happen by shopping, ordering, purchasing, and having it delivered. Everything in your home was a vibrational match to you at some point, and you attracted it to you. Yes, even your spouse or roommate. Your home is a giant composite of you. It’s also a giant emitter of your energy. Think of it as a living vision board.

The Significance of Connecting to Your Spiritual Frequency

Every person on the planet is unique. We all have our own distinctive look, personality, styles, and approach to life. We also have our own unique spiritual frequency, also called our personal vibration. It is part of our soul essence, our divinity, and connection to the spiritual realm. Understanding the significance of your frequency and learning to make a heart soul connection to your inner energy can help you find more abundance, happiness, and joy in your life. Your frequency is part of your Universal Power; your connection to the Divine. It can bring about tremendous positive changes within you, which helps you create, and achieve, the life you desire.

Your Blog and Bumper Guards

What do bowling and blogging have to do with each other? I was bowling with family with got me thinking about the need for virtual bumper guards on entrepreneurs’ blogs. Bumper guards, also known as categories, keep topics focused and increase their success of scoring with ideal clients. When using categories, you can keep your blog posts out of the gutter increasing your changes to score!