Listening When Your Soul Speaks

Listening when the soul speaks is a practice that can transform the moments in our day and bring us closer to living life from a place that sits well with who we are at our core. Here are a few ways that help me hear and honor my inner wisdom. Try them out and see if they may be a right fit for you.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

No matter how old we are, many of us continuously ask ourselves that question. We are always emerging and evolving throughout our lives, but for those who experience confusion and lack of clarity about that “one thing” that they could never find and still cannot find and perceive it in a negative light, may this article bring clarity and a feeling of liberation.

5 Ways Intentions Can Help You Become a Health Goddess

The difference between wishing and setting intentions is the difference between waiting for something you don’t really believe could happen and knowing that with every step you are creating the radiant body and life of your ideal healthy woman.

Deciphering Messages to Follow Your Guidance

Do you ever ask to receive messages or signs to help you make a decision? Have you ever been disappointed that you didn’t receive anything? Or you get a message, but discount it as being crazy, unable to trust it?

Family Living

Creating a living room that is aligned with your lifestyle and surrounded by your favorite things and the people that you love is surely something to be enjoyed for years to come!

Accepting Unexpected Blessings, A Key to Manifesting

Do you ever ask for what you want, but when it comes you think, “This is not what I asked for.” “I didn’t expect this.” Or “I’m not ready for this.” What do you do with these unexpected blessings?

6 Ways to Increase Abundance in Your Life—TODAY!

Imagine if you changed your image from someone who struggles to someone who receives abundance? There are changes you can make today that will increase your abundance in your immediate future. Here are six simple things you can do today that can shift your reality around money within days. I used them to go from rags to riches by consciously creating it. If I can (and thousands of other have), you can too.

3 Crucial Self-Care Practices for Highly Sensitive Women

Habituating self-care and prioritizing yourself is life changing. For highly-sensitive women there are three crucial practices we must put into place to move out of a place of surviving and into a place of thriving. Highly Sensitive Badass and Coach Cortney Chaite shares 3 crucial self-care practices that will help you establish a new mindset around self-care.

Embrace Your Truth & Power as a RēL Woman

RēL Women are in the thick of business while working toward the highest quality life possible.  We are courageous women who are not willing to settle for anything less than everything we desire.  WHY?  Because deep inside we know that our desires are possible.  And we don’t give up.  We are a force to behold. 

Understanding Yourself Using the Power of the Enneagram

Each of the nine Enneagram types have wonderful gifts and unique challenges. As we become awake to both, we can truly live whole, fulfilling and peaceful lives. Catherine Hayes, Certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher, shares how understanding the enneagram helps you understand yourself.