How To Stay Healthy, Happy and Grounded While Running A Successful Business

As heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in the world, we face a number of stresses that can take an incredible toll on our bodies, minds, relationships, and our bottom lines. This article highlights these stresses, and provides a number of proven strategies to show you how to stay healthy, happy and grounded while running a successful business.

The Power of the Question

The ability to ask relevant, targeted, open-ended questions is a skill that’s useful in every situation. Questions are open and evolving; they invite exploration. Every invention, every theory, every spiritual moment in history began, in one way or another, with a question.

Align With Your Power

Do you know that you can manifest your desires in EVERY area of your life? You CAN have the career, business, relationships, health and finances that you want. You, and only you, have the power to do this. The power has always been there, but the question is: “Are you aligned with it?”

Do What You Like: 4 Easy Ways To Claim Your Personal Power

Sometimes in life there is a mismatch between what we want and what other people want. When that happens, we have a choice to make. Find out how you can make choices that are right for you so you can maintain your personal power.

Fill Your Home with Gratitude (and Abundance!)

The first step in emphasizing feelings of gratitude in your home is to determine your goals.

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What would it take for you to live with more authenticity? Activate your Braveheart with these five steps from Sheila Callaham today

Finding Hope in Your Business Can Create Miracles

It’s been said that entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and results. Finding hope when it seems like there’s none to be found can be tricky, but it is possible and it can make the difference between giving up on your business dreams and finding that success is just around the next corner. When you’re feeling down about your business, try these strategies to help bring back hope.

5 Signs that You’re Settling for Less in Life

Are you settling for less than you deserve in one or more areas of your life? The truth is that we’re not here to settle for less, we’re not here on the planet to shrink and fit in. When we settle and fit in, we’re making choices and living life based on other people’s expectations, what society expects us to do, and there is no way we will be able to live an authentic and joyful life if we keep “shoulding” ourselves and playing “safe”. Here are 5 signs that you’re settling for less in life:

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Doubt makes you feel it isn’t worth the risk to do something big, like start a new business and put yourself on the map. Monica Dubay shares ten tips to support you in quieting that doubting voice.

What Being a Mom of Boys Has Taught Me About Life

I am the proud mom of two boys. While society considers me to be their role model, I knew the moment I laid eyes on both of my sons, they are actually my greatest teachers. They show me how life is truly meant to be enjoyed. Children are amazing instructors for showing us what pure joy looks like. They remind us how simple it all can be.