Creating Abundance from the Inside Out

Abundance is the result of living in the flow of love. It’s not something we acquire and hold on to, but rather a flow of energy we tune into and channel through our heart. Our mission is simply to sustain this flow of love, which confers many blessings and benefits, among them the potential to manifest our dreams.

7 Signs That You’re Awakening to Life

The only time you really have is now to allow yourself to be YOU, not a new you, but the real YOU for the first time. Because we awaken when we let ourselves become who we really are – who we were created to be. This is the time to start living life more connected to the truth of our Soul, and not so much from our heads, so we can live with more gratitude in our hearts, joy and meaning.

5 Practices to Shift Unworthiness into Self-acceptance

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, it’s just not good enough, or that you just don’t measure up? Do you ever feel like you don’t really deserve the good things in life, like love, success, or happiness?

Saying YES! To A Different Future It All Begins With A Decision

I would like to share with you the first 2 of my RēL Woman! critical components that will allow you the ability to continue to create the life and business you dream about while sustaining your success through building a strong foundation.  Once you see the value of each one,  creating your own plan to more fully engage in your life becomes a priority.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Celebrate Yourself and Accelerate Your Dreams

As I’ve been sharing in the Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams series, the process of creating your dream life starts with desire, which informs vision. Vision can only become reality through action. Accountability helps you make greater strides through inspired action. These are the first four keys to accelerating wealth, health, and happiness in your life. The fifth and final key in my method is celebration, and it’s more important to creating your reality and realizing your dreams than you think.

Understanding the Purpose of Your Soul

Having a deep understanding of your purpose is only the beginning to living your purpose. In fact, most people don’t realize that they are being their purpose every day.

Transforming Your Relationship: How to Create Your Unshakable Love

When you have this level of unshakable love, and you and your partner are indivisible, it translates into you being confident and unstoppable in all of the other areas of your life! You’ll dare to try more things and take bigger risks.

Making Discerning Choices Inspired by Love

Making discerning choices inspired by love is key to living a soul-hearted life. It leads to actions based on a broader spiritual perspective and prepares the way for loving relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. Although making discerning choices inspired by love does not necessarily help us avoid contact with the unwanted energies or influences of others, it does enable us to more quickly remove ourselves from negative situations. Here are a few simple tools to assist you in making discerning choices.

The Ultimate Balance

No one, not even a dedicated workaholic like me, loves work for work’s sake. It’s what that work produces that keeps us going. But if we want to sustain that level of accomplishment, we need to care for ourselves in whatever way keeps those beloved tasks feeling joyful, light, and inspired, or risk losing what we value most―the very things that motivate us in the first place. That is the ultimate balance, the place where what we give and what we receive are equal, and in flow.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Take Action to Bring Your Vision to Life

Action is the third of my 5 keys to accelerating wealth, health, and happiness. Your journey starts with desire, which leads to vision. Vision, in turn, can only become reality through―you guessed it―action!