Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Take Action to Bring Your Vision to Life

Action is the third of my 5 keys to accelerating wealth, health, and happiness. Your journey starts with desire, which leads to vision. Vision, in turn, can only become reality through―you guessed it―action!

Release Your Scarcity Programming and Visualize Prosperity

A very important part of the whole creative visualization, or law of attraction, process is developing a sense of prosperity. This means having the understanding, or consciously taking the point of view, that the universe is abundant, that life is actually trying to bring us what our hearts and souls truly desire — spiritually, mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. One of the most common causes of failure when seeking what you want is “scarcity programming.” Self-actualization pioneer Shakti Gawain shares an excerpt from the 40th anniversary edition of Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Life as well as an abundance meditation.

Four Basic Steps for Effective Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. In fact, you are already using it every day, every minute, in fact. It is your natural power of imagination, the basic creative energy of the universe, which you use constantly, whether or not you are aware of it. Self-actualization pioneer, Shakti Gawain shares four basic steps for effective creative visualization.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: The Power of Choice: 5 Keys to Accelerating Wealth, Health, & Happiness

Change begins with the energy of choice, because energy is at the root of all things in this reality. Every moment of every day―whether you are conscious of it or not―you are sending out energetic vibrations. Sometimes these vibrations are of joy; sometimes they are of fear and anger. No matter what, the energy you put out comes back to you in the form of experience.

The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’

Manifesting is not a party game; it is a path of self-knowledge. As we learn about manifesting, we are actually learning about our own nature, and getting in closer alignment with our innate gifts.

7 Keys to Manifesting the Feminine Way

Women REALLY DO manifest things differently from how men do. The problem is that we’ve been taught to function like men in a man’s world and often our attempts to succeed through DOING have left us feeling drained, confused, and ultimately unrewarded. When you follow the seven principles for feminine manifestation shared here you will find manifesting flows with ease and grace.

The Exploding Oven, or, How I Manifested My New Stove

We do not always understand the grand plan behind what is happening in our lives, but we can see connections and relationships, if we look. When people heard that my stove exploded they said “What a disaster! You must be so upset!” I say it was the Universe’s way of getting me my new stove… …without having to battle it out with my husband.

How I Manifested $10,000 in My First Week of Manifesting Class

Authenticity coach and bestselling author Reba Linker shares how she manifested an extra $10,000 in the first week of manifesting class.

The Art of Manifesting: The Skill of Effortless Knowing

There is a certain knack to manifesting. One important element is the art of ‘effortless knowing’ which will skyrocket your manifesting success.

Interview with Boni Lonnsburry, Conscious Creation Expert

Aspire Magazine is honored to introduce you to our Conscious Creation Expert Columnist Boni Lonnsburry. Boni is the CEO of Inner Art Inc.®, an expert on conscious creation, and the author of the best-selling book, The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True!