What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

No matter how old we are, many of us continuously ask ourselves that question. We are always emerging and evolving throughout our lives, but for those who experience confusion and lack of clarity about that “one thing” that they could never find and still cannot find and perceive it in a negative light, may this article bring clarity and a feeling of liberation.

Four Hints to Harness the Healing Power of Joy

Your route to joy and happiness lies within your own mind and own surroundings. No matter where you are in life you can achieve joy and happiness. Here are a few easy suggestions to help you on your way.

Ditch the Fear and Choose Love!

Feeling fearless & courageous is something that takes inner work at a deep level. It takes courage to work on and shift our varying levels of fear. Breaking down the cause and effect at each level requires awareness, introspection, curiosity and the wisdom to trust our all knowing source of Good/God/Goddess, or whatever name our ‘comfort level’ accepts as the Divine Source of our knowing.

Three Reasons To Know Your Inner Sacred Woman

Meeting your Inner Sacred Woman is a transformative experience that can be achieved simply by any woman. The three reasons for working with her are: 1) feeling your divinity, uniqueness and purpose; 2) finding a place of truth, peace and simplicity within you and 3) enjoying a space of healing and emotional transformation.

What Melissa McCarthy Can Teach Us About Cultivating Joy

Yes, we may still deem our experiences as positive or negative, happy or tragic, but I hope we can also acknowledge that we must do our best to make the best of them.

So if we are, in fact, perpetually crafting a story about our lives, let’s make things easier on ourselves, shall we?

Transforming Your Relationship: The Power of Joy

And a bad DAY? No, I don’t have bad days. I can honestly say that with 100% accuracy. I do not. I have bad MOMENTS, definitely! But I don’t stay stuck there for a whole freakin’ day! I have trained myself to have a negative moment, bring my state back up to a higher level, find the gift in the situation and learn from it, adjust and take more massive action In-Joy!
It’s a SKILL! And it can be learned!

7 Ways Nature Helps You Stimulate More Joy and Success

Joy, according to Merriam-Webster, is the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires, while the Oxford dic-tionary says it’s a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. No matter how you define it, the question is how can you consciously align with bringing more of this delicious feeling into your life?

The Joy of Being Me

It is in having the courage to give the gift of our authentic selves to the world, that we find our joy, and we finally find our tribe.

The Practice of Joy

Here’s a radical thought: what if you feeling energetic or fatigued is directly related to your experience of joy? Some say they have no joy in life because they’re exhausted; I say the exhaustion has set in, in large part, because we’ve lost touch with our joy. And then it becomes a terrible downward spiral.

3 Ways To Cultivate Joy In Every Day Life

We feel empowered and innately joyful when we develop a relationship with ourselves that is loving, kind and nurturing. By relationship I mean how we “think and perceive” about ourselves throughout our day. No one can see this self-talk, however we can feel this energetically and physically as our thoughts effect our body.