Angels, Intuition and Indigestion: 3 Compelling Reasons to Listen to Your Inner Voice

The universe, your spiritual tribe and your perspective all go hand in hand to create the most abundant, fulfilling and reward experience… designed specifically for you, by you! I implore you to take advantage of all the tools and channels available to you and claim your spiritual power and right! You are not alone on this journey and there is no reason to proceed with your natural divine connection.

4 Life-Changing Benefits of Listening to Your Soul

Practice connecting with your soul each day. Just be with it. Ask questions, and notice how the answers come. Use other tools to gather more information and explore how you receive information (meditation, journal, pendulum, oracle cards, etc). The more you practice, the easier it will be to live a soul-connected life.

So What is a Chakra Anyway?

What is a chakra?, describing what a chakra is and what is manages, discussing our ancestors and tribes all over the world adopting energy systems. The importance of looking holistically at our body vs. just a physical body and the chakras are one way to do that.

Invite Your Muse to a Cup of Inquiry: Gaining Intuitive Access

Tap into the power of your muse. The practice of inquiry combined with intentional creativity and focused on accessing the hidden worlds within us is hot, hot, hot terrain! Who doesn’t want to experience what they REALLY think, feel, and know? Visionary artist and teacher Shiloh Sophia shares a powerful guided visualization you can use to invite your muse to join you for a cup of inquiry.

A Journey into the Akashic Records

Have you ever had deja vu?? Or felt an instant connection to someone you just met? That feeling of knowing comes from somewhere outside of our current physical body, but it is deeply imprinted on our souls. Each lifetime that your soul has chosen – and there have been MANY! – leaves a mark, some may call it a scar, but by any term a memory of who you were and what you experienced. While most adults do not have an active memory of past lifetimes, all of this information exists just beyond our physical reach, in the nearby planes of the ethers. This collection of conscious information is called the Akashic Records.

11 Ways To Clear Negative Energy

Do you ever feel bogged down with heavy energy? Creating a daily practice of clearing can help your health, mood and more. Here are some simple things you can do to clear your body, your home or your work space.

3 Steps to Listening to Your Intuition

Don’t discredit messages from your intuition, spirit or your higher self. It is far wiser than we give it credit for. Start listening to the intuition that is coming through to you. By listening, you create the opportunity to grow your intuition and learn to use it for your highest good. Keep these three tips, from Leading Intuitive Prosperity Coach Jami Hearn, in mind when you encounter an opportunity to access and accept your intuition.

Five Steps to Creating More Business Clarity

What happens if you’re not feeling clarity around your business? Do you feel you can’t make up your mind about what path you should choose, and your decision-making seems muddled? This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stuck; feeling like you are not fulfilling your destiny or feeling dissatisfied with your business. In this post. Dr. Minette Riordan shares her own journey to clarity in her business and her best six practices for getting clear now

Embrace Self-Love & Rock What You’ve Got

Rocking what you’ve got is SELF-LOVE at its finest! It’s about embracing yourself as you are in this moment. Knowing you are ENOUGH. Loving all of you, even if your body doesn’t look like OR act like what you think it should. It’s about reminding yourself you are worthy and dressing your best each day to reflect your worthiness.

Silence the Mind Chatter Once and For All

I want to resolve for you once and for all that you do not have to believe every single thought in your head. Our minds are constantly chatting. Some call it mind chatter. Others, monkey mind. Others may even call it the devil! Regardless, this nonstop babble going on in our minds is always going to be there. I want you to know that you do not have to believe it. You get to choose what you listen to!