Slow Down & Listen

Often, goals and resolutions are made from a place of fear and obligation. What if
this year you chose to create goals and resolutions from a place of love and authenticity?

Frequency: The Secret to Connecting With Your Spiritual Guidance

Your ability to connect with your spiritual Guidance is related to your vibrational frequency. Frequency is a delicate thing. Many situations, both physical and emotional, affect your frequency. Dr. Margaret Paul shares two ways we can increase our frequency as well as some situations and choices that lowers your frequency and your ability to connect.

Powerful Manifesting Tools: Your Intuition and Intention

Understanding your intuition is a guide to manifesting your deepest desires. Learning to understand and trust your intuition takes practice. Master Soul Coach Laura Clark shares four traits that will help you trust that the insights you are receiving are from your inner wisdom so you can act upon that wisdom with intention and courage.

Peeling Back the Layers to Your True Intention

Intention is the act of focusing on something specific, which impacts both mind and energy. In reality, we are creating intentions at some level every moment of the day with our thoughts, and, sadly, many of our thoughts are a stream of negative commentary about ourselves and what’s around us. Now, wouldn’t you rather consciously choose what your focus will be?

8 Ways To Step Into Your Intuitive Power

I get asked many questions on how to develop a “spiritual practice” of tools and rituals related to the Goddess. There are so many modalities like runes, crystals, tarot and divination. Where does one begin? How do you choose? This is a guide to help you decide which modality you are drawn to. It’s better to start with one, master the beginner’s level, then move on to the next.

Embrace Your Midlife Journey!

Have you been living a life of “shoulds”? Now is the time to experience a breakthrough and embrace your midlife! Midlife can be a wonderful experience! A time to let go, breathe, love yourself, and create the life you deserve! It takes courage and strength, but you can do this. Your entire life to this point is part of who you are, but it doesn’t have to define you. Michelle Lemoi shares 6 steps and thought provoking journal questions for you to evaluate and embrace your midlife transformation.

The Miracle in the Places Yet Uncharted

At times of transition, when it’s clear there’s no way to turn back or to stay where you are, you are called to venture into the uncharted: the unfamiliar experiences that will help you evolve into the person you are meant to become. In the uncharted, miracles begin to happen—if you let them. Internationally acclaimed medium and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid shares how and why connecting to your spirit, instead of your fearful ego self, can create miracles in your life.

Modern Medicine Woman Gifts and Challenges: Being Intuitive

Intuition is one of the primary gifts of the Modern Medicine Woman. Yet developing our intuition requires us to navigate numerous challenges including finding our place and purpose, valuing our gifts, maintaining clear boundaries, releasing the need to be accepted, and remaining grounded.

3 Steps to Living Your Destiny

We have the power to decide whether we will live out our destiny, the seed of truth within us that knows who we are and why we have come to live this lifetime. We can make our destiny real and manifest through three crucial steps: intuitive connection to our truth, clearing our shadow to align with our truth, and living every moment in full presence.

10 Sacred Keys to Feminine Empowerment

What is Shakti Power? Shakti is your natural sacred feminine power. She dances through the universe brave and awake singing “wake up, wake up!” When you can apply these sacred empowerment principles in your life, you create an unshakeable foundation of power. You know who are and you are not willing to betray yourself. You stand as tall and fierce as a fortress of truth. You awaken fully to your inner power. Here are the 4 pillars or empowerment principles that make up Shakti Power.