5 Ways Intentions Can Help You Become a Health Goddess

The difference between wishing and setting intentions is the difference between waiting for something you don’t really believe could happen and knowing that with every step you are creating the radiant body and life of your ideal healthy woman.

Living a Soul-Hearted Life: Co-Creating Our Reality by Manifesting Our Intentions

Making our dreams a reality is a divine gift as well as our personal responsibility. We have many more possibilities in life than we could possibly envision. In co-creating with our divine source, we can consciously choose what we want in life. And with such courage and confidence, we can trust in our ability to make our dreams come true. All it takes to spark this co-creation is one pearl of light, the seed of possibility. With that we can become a conduit for channeling energy to manifest our dreams from an array of infinite possibilities. Here are 5 practices to assist you in manifesting your intentions.