Question Everything!

The quality of the questions we ask ourselves every day can determine whether we are moving toward a radically-engaged life, or staying planted in a life that leaves us longing for more. In this article, Inspired Living Publishing’s Chief Editor Bryna René Haynes explores the power of questions to rock our world, change our lives, and lift us into a deeper and more satisfying connection with ourselves.  

The 8 Energetic & Spiritual Traits of Wealthy Women

What does it mean to be wealthy? After interviewing over twenty pioneers of the new wealth consciousness, it is clear that it has very little to do with money.

Transforming Grief to Love

Though everyone feels grief on a more regular basis than they might admit, we are rarely taught how to grieve, unfortunately. By understanding the similarities in all forms of grief, we can better contextualize our feelings and understand how to be with them when loss arrives. Each person’s grieving process is unique, but the experience is universally human.

Are You an Observer or the Director of Your Life? The Choice is Yours!

It’s so easy to forget how powerful you really are. People that experience great success and happiness have mastered their power to manifest. They are very aware of where they are putting their attention. Think of your attention as the light coming out of the projector. It lights up the images on your movie screen. If there is no light you don’t get to see what is on the screen.

Midlife Purpose Search: You Are Not Alone

Are you also facing midlife angst—watching your children let go of your hand and feeling a bit lost, constantly contemplating, “What’s next for me?” If so, perhaps the following ideas can help.

Is Your Clutter Keeping You Stuck in the Energy of Past Relationships?

When relationships end, we are left with the remnants of the relationship, from shared furniture to exchanged gifts to photos. Because our energy was so interweaved with the other’s energy, getting rid of those items can feel like a ripping of one’s soul. That’s because it is. The energy field between two people, particularly in long-term relationships, takes time to unwind. Of course, this also makes it that much more imperative that items related to that past relationship be let go, when the time is right, in order to move on.

Attract More Clients by Listening to Ed Sheeran

People are going crazy over Ed Sheeran. The question is, “Why?” I believe it’s in part because his music stirs up deep feelings within his listeners. He paints word pictures, weaving together well-crafted lyrics with beautiful melodies. And we’re smitten. So what does this have to do with your business? Quite simply: everything. Your blog posts ought to be just as compelling, creating images for and drawing out deep feelings from your ideal clients. Your words ought to do the heavy lifting of client attraction for you.

10 Ways to Know You Have Too Much Stuff

Because our home is so much a part of ourselves, it can be difficult to get perspective. It’s easy to let things accumulate over time without letting things go along the way. In my experience with working with clients and clutter, here are some telltale signs when too much stuff is too much.

5 Ways to Cultivate More Play into Your Life

Many adults have forgotten how to play, or they think that we aren’t supposed to. As you connect to your creative essence you will become clearer and clearer on the importance of play. Some of the most enlightened people on our planet are incredibly playful. Have you heard the Dalai Lama laugh? He does it all the time!

Embracing the Universal Law of Purpose to Find and Live Your Life Purpose

As spiritual beings we all have a primary purpose for our life. Learn to delve deeper into your spiritual self to discover what your purpose is while living on the earthly plane.