Spring Cleaning For A Woman’s Spirit!

If you are anything like me you are experiencing a bit of spring fever! Spring is my favorite time of year. How can we fail to embrace the Divine when we witness the outpouring of growth and life all around us? Although I would rather be outside admiring the giant purple lupin that are blooming everywhere, I realized that my Spirit could use a little spring cleaning!

Self-Acceptance and the Art of Belonging

Embracing self-acceptance will create ripple effects in your life and empower others around you to accept themselves – creating more and more sense of belonging in the world. The more you commit to authentically showing up in your life, the more you give others permission to do the same and the deeper your relationships become.

Creativity As A Spiritual Practice

What is creativity? Anything that you do to express your soul, and allow spirit to flow through you to create something. Important for stress relief, emotional expression and brain function. How can you add creative pursuits to your daily practice?

The Power of No

We do not always need to justify or declare our reasons why we choose to say no. ‘No’ is a complete sentence. Saying no allows us to fully say yes to the things that are most important and move the needle.

Stretch Yourself to Grow

Spring is a time of awakening and growth. How can we stretch ourselves to be more of what we are born to be? In what ways can we step out of our comfort zone and let our gifts sprout?

Allowing What Is Even When It’s Uncomfortable

My whole experience makes up who I am today. Without one, the other can’t exist. It’s in the middle of the opposites that I try to reside. Centered, balanced, focused, not being attached to either/ or. Just being. What if we let whatever is bothering us to just be, and didn’t judge it as good or bad? It just is. How would that feel?

You Are Not For Everyone

Someone told me this once: “You are not for everyone.” At first glance, I was a bit insulted. In the end, I realized being told I was not for everyone was actually a gift…a big one!

Re-friending The Body: 3 Daily Rituals

A surefire way to fall back in love with the body is to get to know her intimately, and treat her with the love and tenderness you would show a lover. Which means that sometimes, affirmations don’t cut it.

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

If you are just starting out, I encourage you to think of the one place you would like to transform into that sacred space. How can you personalize it, make it practical and functional all the while absolutely stunning and a place to retreat? Over time it can all come together. No matter where your travels and ventures might take you, at the end of the day, there really is no place like home.

Self-Love for the World

If we want there to be more love in the world we must first start with loving ourselves. The love we show ourselves will then spill over to others and the ripples begin. Six ways to practice self-love everyday.