5 Benefits to Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle™

Drumroll please!!! My expert column in Aspire will now be called “Living the Goddess Laptop LifestyleTM and will be dedicated to teaching ambitious, soulful women how to create an abundant, purpose-filled life, and prosperous laptop business they love!

Finding Hope in Your Business Can Create Miracles

It’s been said that entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and results. Finding hope when it seems like there’s none to be found can be tricky, but it is possible and it can make the difference between giving up on your business dreams and finding that success is just around the next corner. When you’re feeling down about your business, try these strategies to help bring back hope.

7 Steps to More Confidence and More Clients in Your Holistic Business

Is your self-confidence affecting your holistic business success? It could be. Your level of confidence will affect every aspect of your Holistic Business and has the biggest impact on attracting your ideal clients into your Holistic Practice. You can’t attract what you don’t feel worthy of. Psychotherapist, and Founder of The Global Association of Psychotherapy and Coaching, Shelley Riutta shares the positive benefits that happen when you move into more confidence in your Holistic Business and 7 steps to support you in doing so.

Authenticity and Your Marketing

You hear marketing gurus say all the time “Marketing with authenticity!” But what does this mean exactly? Entrepreneurial cheerleader, Jill Celeste examines what is means to be authentic in your marketing. She shares the three guidelines that make up Authentic Marketing, which you can begin to apply to your business today. This is the “Authentic Marketing” definition you’ve been looking for – complete with a “permission slip” to start your Authentic Marketing Journey – one step at a time.

The Time Management Hack for Purposeful Entrepreneurs

No matter what business you’re in, we all struggle with the elusive clock! So much to do, and never enough time! So how does one make the most of the 8-12 hours many people put into their businesses every day while still being extremely purposeful and focused on reaching those annual goals? Kellyann Schaefer, of Task Complete shares the simple, yet very effective, time management hack that she personally uses called 15/45.

The Passionate Career Woman

The Passionate Career Woman. Does that describe you? Or have you traded excitement for the doldrums in your career or business just to get by? It doesn’t have to be that way and you can end the agony now! Learn how you can sustain passion and use it as a powerful tool to leverage your business.

How to Use Instagram to Attract Your Ideal Audience

Instagram is an excellent social media site for purpose-driven entrepreneurs because it allows them to show their personality and share their gifts with the world. In this article, learn seven ways you can use Instagram for marketing your business or coaching practice.

You Are Fabulous: 5 Ways to Love Yourself and Grow Your Business

As you nurture and grow the love you have for yourself it empowers you to create and grow a heart-centered business that serves from a place of love and authenticity. Discover the four reasons that self-love is important in creating a successful business and 5 ways to love yourself more.

You are the Director of Marketing for Your Business

If you own your business, the most important “hat” you wear is as the Director of Marketing for your business. Without embracing this role, you won’t have a business to run. Learn how to become the Director of Marketing for your business with these 3 simple steps.

5 Tips to Attract Your Ideal Clients to Your Coaching Practice

You became a coach in order to support and empower your clients in living their best lives. You are passionate about your work, know you can make an impact yet struggle with growing your practice. Sound familiar? Here are five marketing tips – specifically for coaches – to help you attract more of your ideal clients to your business.