Prosperity from the Inside Out

When we hear the word “prosperity,” we usually think of financial abundance, material possessions, and external factors that contribute to our happiness and success in life.   But what about “inner prosperity”? Have you ever thought about what that might mean?   Without inner prosperity, we may have financial wealth and material comfort and yet still find […]

Are You an Observer or the Director of Your Life? The Choice is Yours!

It’s so easy to forget how powerful you really are. People that experience great success and happiness have mastered their power to manifest. They are very aware of where they are putting their attention. Think of your attention as the light coming out of the projector. It lights up the images on your movie screen. If there is no light you don’t get to see what is on the screen.

The Saving Grace of Gratitude

Throughout my life gratitude has been my saving grace, has prevented me from drowning in grief, and has quite literally saved my life. Intentionally including gratitude into my daily life transformed my mindset completely and even allowed me to identify the blessings of being the parent of a child with a chronic health challenge. This gift of gratitude, however, did not arrive neatly packaged as common sense on my doorstep.

Why Gratitude?

When you cultivate a gratitude practice, by recognizing all the wonderful things that are happening in your life, you change and so does the world.

How to Cultivate Sacred Presence in Life and Business

Presence is an art and sacred act. You begin cultivating Sacred Presence by discerning what is important to you in life and business. Being fully present in life and business sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? However, “simple” does not mean “easy”. Creatrix and #AspireMag Expert Columnist Lisa Marie Rosati shares 3 ways you can cultivate sacred presence in your life and in your business.

My Journey through Grief to Gratitude

Every person’s experience around grief is uniquely their own, and every one of them is exactly perfect. I am sharing my own because it is utterly important that you love yourself through the snot filled tears and angry outbursts… right up through the beautiful moment that the gratitude firmly seats in your core!

Five Ways to Nurture Your Gratitude Practice

Most of us know that when we focus on what we are grateful for we feel good. More and more research reinforces that gratitude positively impacts our mood, attitude, health and well-being. Being grateful makes us more optimistic, energetic, resilient, peaceful, and productive. We feel better about ourselves, and our lives, and even live longer when we are grounded in gratitude.

The Courageous Act of Letting Go of Perfection

How often do you expect that you should get it right the first time? How do you treat yourself when you make a mistake or don’t do something perfectly? If you are anything like the clients I work with than you may find letting go of the belief that you “should” be perfect a challenge. When you learn to embrace self-nurturing you tap into the courage to let go of being perfect by being kind and compassionate to yourself which ripples out to the world.

Fill Your Home with Gratitude (and Abundance!)

The first step in emphasizing feelings of gratitude in your home is to determine your goals.

Living a Soul-Hearted Life: 10 Sacred Keys to Soul-Hearted Living

Intuitive Psychologist Dr. Debra Reble, Aspire Magazine’s Expert Columnist, shares her ‘10 Sacred Keys for Soul-Hearted Living’ to help you to tap into your divine energy source, create the fullest expression of yourself, and share this inspired experience of life with others. These are the same heart-centered principles that she has been successfully guiding her private clients through for many years and has fully embraced herself.