Rediscovering Your Wild Rhythm

The first key to “liberating the Witch within” is rediscovering your wild rhythm. Honoring your personal cycles as they relate to the cycles of nature can help reignite your wildness.

3 Foundational Goddess Lifestyle Pillars for Self-Care

When was the last time you felt rejuvenated, renewed, energized and fully alive? When was the last time you took time out to nurture yourself, experience pleasure or have fun without a niggle guilt involved? Goddess Lifestyle Expert Lisa Marie Rosati shares her 3 foundational Goddess lifestyle pillars for self-care.

Conversations with the Goddess

Accessing your own Akashic Record can lead to healing that your spiritual life needs to evolve to the next level of enlightenment and fulfillment. Spiritually sensitive women tend to overlook the healing they need for themselves – Be selfish, even if for a moment. Soul Alignment Practitioner Jami Hearn shares a part of her own journey and healing that she was able to access through her Records/

10 Sacred Keys to Feminine Empowerment

What is Shakti Power? Shakti is your natural sacred feminine power. She dances through the universe brave and awake singing “wake up, wake up!” When you can apply these sacred empowerment principles in your life, you create an unshakeable foundation of power. You know who are and you are not willing to betray yourself. You stand as tall and fierce as a fortress of truth. You awaken fully to your inner power. Here are the 4 pillars or empowerment principles that make up Shakti Power.

How to Create Powerful Springtime Altars and Sacred Spaces

Spring is magically about rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, planting seeds, and the promise of new things to come. Part of living the Goddess Lifestyle is following nature and bringing all of her natural beauty and magic into your life. I harness that magic and power by creating powerful intentions, altars and sacred spaces by design. Creatrix Lisa Marie Rosita shares some suggestions on how you can call the magic of spring into your life and living spaces.

15 Characteristics of a Present Day Goddess

Are you a present day Goddess? A Goddess possesses many wonderful and enchanting characteristics and traits. Creatrix Lisa Marie Rosati, founder of the Goddess Lifestyle Plan, shares 15 characteristics of a present day Goddess. Take a moment to see how many resonate with where you are on your path.

Three Reasons To Know Your Inner Sacred Woman

Meeting your Inner Sacred Woman is a transformative experience that can be achieved simply by any woman. The three reasons for working with her are: 1) feeling your divinity, uniqueness and purpose; 2) finding a place of truth, peace and simplicity within you and 3) enjoying a space of healing and emotional transformation.

15 Steps to Navigate Your Personal Transformation

The winter months are a mystical time for self-care, reflection and planting seeds. Some things you can do to invest in yourself are to let go, hibernate, reflect, review and begin again with new intentions. In the Fall, you started the process of letting go…cutting away what was no longer serving your highest truth or vision. The season is now dark and deep. Now you can hibernate.

Are you are “Modern Medicine Woman?”

Do you hold the Medicine Woman archetype? Have you struggled to see how you fit in, what your path is, how to express your true self in your work and relationship? In that case it’s time for you to heal, tune in with your gifts, and take your rightful place again in the world. You are needed! The world needs women like you to step into power and visibility and be a beacon of hope, light and healing.

7 Keys to Manifesting the Feminine Way

Women REALLY DO manifest things differently from how men do. The problem is that we’ve been taught to function like men in a man’s world and often our attempts to succeed through DOING have left us feeling drained, confused, and ultimately unrewarded. When you follow the seven principles for feminine manifestation shared here you will find manifesting flows with ease and grace.