Transforming Your Relationship: The Space Within the Moment (TM)

When you react or respond to a trigger, in that split-second, there is something that Relationship Expert Stacey Martino refers to as “the SPACE within the moment”. In that moment you have the choice to respond with love or fear/anger. In this vulnerable post Stacey shares an intimate story from 20 years ago about a moment when she was not aligned with her best self and how Anthony Adragna’s response of love and kindness created a friendship that lasts today. Her story will have you asking yourself, “How am I choosing to respond in the space within the moment?”.

The loss of Cultivating Deep & Meaningful Connections

We are losing heart to heart connection by placing value in texting as a form of communicating. Re-engage the lost art of soul-to-soul engagement of conversation to feel that connection we are all longing for.

I Get By With A Little Help from My Friends

Are you afraid to reach out for help in life and in your business for fear of appearing weak? That was my story for many years until an ‘aha moment’ woke me up to the truth that life is about giving and receiving. When we allow ourselves to receive the help, guidance and support of our friends, family and community we create a beautiful energetic exchange.

9 Empowering Lessons We Can Learn from Our Animal Friends

The animals in your life, whether pets or your animal totem, have empowering lessons and wisdom to share. As an Intuitive and Animal Communicator I’ve discovered 9 empowering lessons our animal friends share to support us in living an empowered life.

Build a Support Group for Success

Look around at the people in your life right now. Do any of these people strike you as someone you would like to spend more time with? Do they look like they’d like to do some of the things you are working on doing more frequently, like going for a hike or bike ride? Maybe you could ask them if they are interested in joining you in an upcoming fitness opportunity, or just a yummy meal and a movie. The presence of this peer support is a critical factor in your success. Just showing up to a class each week is building that support system that will be so critical in manifesting the results you are looking for.

Living the Big Stuff: The Power of Sisterhood

It’s taken a long time and it can be a journey for many of us to find those special women in our lives we can trust, but when we do, they are the gems we surely can’t live without.

I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends

In the months after our house burned down, I gained a whole new appreciation of friendship and the dynamics of giving and receiving. Receiving help from people over a prolonged time of trouble can get very interesting for human beings. To be on the receiving end of love and support over time can challenge even the most balanced of us. Our first tendency is usually to wait until we feel better before reaching out. This is so common that it might be the biggest “waiting” we do when it comes to relationships.

Surround Yourself with Fearless People

Almost everyone has a “social vampire” in his or her life. Social vampires suck the energy out of you when you hang out with them, and make you feel icky when you leave. As part of my deep cleaning, I looked at all my relationships and thought about who made me feel good, supported and excited to be around.

Simply… Empowered! Soul Mates & Soul Supporters

Synergistic relationships happen every day – in life, romance, friendship and in business. Learn more about these incredibly meaningful and empowering relationships

How Developing Adult Friendships with No Less Than Four Close Friends Can Save Your Life

Inside this article, Lynne Everett reveals how developing adult friendships will have a profound effect on your physical well-being, a new study that shows how friends can change your perceptions and make exercise easier than it is, the magic number of friends you should at least have, and what to look for in your adult friendships.