Helping Children Create Balance in Their Lives Through Feng Shui

Is your child’s room a mess? Does he or she struggle with finding things, including their bed? It is important that we empower our children to create supportive and nurturing spaces for themselves.

Giving Up Control Allows Kids to Develop Good Habits

Letting your children go to live their own lives may be the hardest and best thing for a good parent to do. Here’s how one woman handled her son’s eating issues using this logic.

Your Healthiest Holiday Season Yet!

Kick-off your holiday season with 7 healthy strategies that will transform December and jump-start your commitment to a healthy 2016! Try these 3 decadent Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Sugar-free recipes!

Invisible Clutter: When De-Cluttering is about more than a Clean House

Are you feeling overwhelmed, rushed and burned out? Do you have time to work on the things most important to you? Do you even remember what’s most important to you?

Want to Know More about Your Own Life? Take a Look at Your Home

Did you know that your Home is a Metaphor for your Life? The homes we choose as well as the way in which we arrange them tell stories about our thinking and the way we currently live our lives. Imagine you are a stranger entering your home for the first time, what stories do you think your home will tell about you? What secrets of your subconscious are screaming out for attention?

Six Secrets to a Soul Mate Marriage

So you married your best friend, now what? The vows have been said, cake has been cut, and now your rings are starting to establish a permanent tan line. When you are married to your soul mate you want to keep things fresh and build intimacy for the long and short term. A healthy soul mate marriage keeps growing and evolving, sometimes through strife and often times through fun and bonding. Here are three ways to keep the love, connection, and passion throughout your marriage.

Reignite the Fun and Flirt in Your Relationship

Fun, playfulness, romance and flirting….it’s one of the first things to fly out the window when we have the house, the kids, the work and all the other stuff we have to manage!

Creating Sacred Moments: 3 Secrets to Thrive During the Holidays

Sadly, for many of us, it isn’t the most wonderful time of the year at all – it’s filled with stress, too much busy-ness and a frantic pace trying to keep everyone else happy. I have had women tell me that way down deep they hate the holidays. It doesn’t have to be that way…

Nine Realizations I Have Learned About Relationships…Yes, ALL Types of Relationships

Remember that we are here for a reason and so are the people in our life. When we become aware of this and acknowledge this, we grow. We become grateful and we live in gratitude because we know that everything is for our benefit. When you switch to this mindset, your whole world changes. Contributor Sherina Mayani shares nine realizations that brought peace to her relationships, and to her relationship with herself.

Transforming Your Relationship: How to Reignite the Passion for More than Just One Night!

Valentine’s Day is approaching! Love and passion is on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s heart. There’s also a sense of hope in the air. A new optimism that we can and will experience more love and more passion in our lives and our relationships. This is the energy that excites me so much because Valentine’s Day creates an opening of refreshing energy that feels amazing. Especially since the rest of the year, the energy is quite the opposite.