How to Meet your Child’s 6 Needs using C.H.A.R.M.S.

According to Tony Robbins, all humans have a set of six needs- certainty, variety, significance, love & connection, growth, and contribution. The first four are personality needs and the last two are spiritual needs. When we are not consciously fulfilling these needs our subconscious takes over and meets them for us.

7 Steps to Increase Your Child’s Health & Happiness

Taking a holistic approach to overcoming a child’s health challenge starts by taking consistent steps toward healthy habits. After her own child’s health crisis, Family Health Coach Amanda Hinman of the Hinman Holistic Institute shares the 7 steps she uses in her practice, and in her own family, to increase a child’s health & happiness.

5 Light-hearted Steps to Overcome Holiday Dread

Family gatherings can really stir the emotional pot of unresolved emotional wounds. However, in most cases it may be more about our individual perception than actual events. Here are 5 steps you can apply to any scenario to keep you laughing through the maze of holiday dread.

What My Date Night Taught Me About Mindfulness

Cultivating our important relationships is key to our connection and feeling of belonging. Practicing mindfulness is helping me nourish the seeds of the relationships in my life. A recent date night with my husband taught me the importance of mindfulness.

A Hero in My Eyes: The Gift of Conscious Parenting

There is nothing more satisfying than the realization that your 14-year old daughter admires the way you show up in the world. One magical day, a bright young woman tells you that you are hero in her eyes. How cool is that? About 12 years ago, I made a choice to become a healthier version of myself to become a conscious parent and positive role model for my daughter. I’m so glad I did the work and hope you find the following five conscious parenting tips supportive.

11 Easy Tips for Creating a Calm and Peaceful Sanctuary

Your home either nurtures and supports you or it depletes your energy and leaves you exhausted. In today’s frenetic world it is more important than ever to create a calm and peaceful sanctuary that allows you to recharge. This will help you find inner peace, balance and allow you to go out into the world and be the best you can be. Let’s look at some simple solutions to help you create a calm and peaceful sanctuary.

6 Must Read Books for Stressed Out Stepmoms

Did you know that 1,300 women become stepmoms every day? Becoming a stepmom is one of the most confusing and challenging roles a woman will ever have. These 6 books will help ease the confusion.

8 Tips for a Happy Stepfamily Wedding

Weddings can be stressful. Stepfamily weddings even more so. Relax. Here are 8 tips to help you through it.

Helping Your Kids Make a Difference

From morning till night, kids are told what they can and cannot do, leaving them feeling fairly powerless. For children to become conscious, confident, caring adults, they need to know that they can effect change and that they can make a positive impact on someone else’s life. What follows are the stories of two children who, empathizing with the tragic plight of children their age living on the other side of the globe, decided to do something. I include their stories not because we should all try to raise children who launch humanitarian movements, but to encourage you to stretch your imagination when you think about helping your children tune in to what stirs them, so they can manifest who they are uniquely meant to be.

Kids as Catalysts for Healing

As discussed, our children often catalyze tremendous healing within us, if we turn difficult experiences with them into opportunities to give old feelings room to breathe. Such was the case with Cecilia, whose willingness to heal painful wounds from her past left me inspired by her courage.