Spring Cleaning For A Woman’s Spirit!

If you are anything like me you are experiencing a bit of spring fever! Spring is my favorite time of year. How can we fail to embrace the Divine when we witness the outpouring of growth and life all around us? Although I would rather be outside admiring the giant purple lupin that are blooming everywhere, I realized that my Spirit could use a little spring cleaning!

The Work/Life Balance Myth

Do you know anyone who has truly achieved work/life balance? I don’t! We have been sold a myth! Terry Wildemann shares, “Work/life harmony replaces work/life balance and flows easily between the five pillars of life; health, career, finance, spirituality and relationships.” At times, you may be called to pay more attention to one area than another. When we learn how to move between these five pillars, with heart-centered focus, we can flow with it – if we choose.

Becoming Friends with Your Shadow in Order to Live and Love Fully

It’s time to become friends with your Shadow. When you do the inner work that’s needed to own your Shadow, then you get to own, accept, embrace, honor and love ALL of yourself….not just certain pretty parts….but ALL of you. Working with your Shadow is one of the most effective ways to lovingly bring your true self out of the shadow and into the light. Transformational Thought Leader Joanna Lindenbaum shares 3 examples of what happens when you reject a natural part of you as well as some journaling prompts to open up the inquiry.

Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle: How I Became Powerful, Self-Assured & Courageous

For most of my life I was afraid of just about everything. The list of my fears went on and on, however the one thing I made sure to do was step into them one at a time. When you step through fear and into your personal power, you realize just how powerful a woman you are… and from that place – anything, and I mean ANYTHING is possible! It’s the woman you become in the process that will astound you. Expert Columnist Lisa Marie Rosati shares how stepping through her fears led her to become an empowered woman and a highly-successful business woman and shares three rituals to support you in working through your fears.

The Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask

The quality of the questions we ask ourselves every day can determine whether we are moving toward a radically-engaged life, or staying planted in a life that leaves us longing for more. In this article, Inspired Living Publishing’s Chief Editor Bryna René Haynes explores the power of questions to rock our world, change our lives, and lift us into a deeper and more satisfying connection with ourselves.

9 Soulful Ways to Courageously Choose Love Over Fear

Choosing love over fear doesn’t mean fear won’t show up. It means having the wisdom, strength, practices and tools to conjure up the courage to live in alignment with your heart and soul desire… even when fear is present.

Living a Soul-Hearted Life: 6 Keys to Expand Your Conscious Awareness

Living a soul-hearted life takes expanding our conscious awareness. Conscious awareness is our intuitive ability to tune in to information that provides us with a broader more enlightened perspective. It’s experiencing and connecting to our own energies and the energies around us especially our divine source. Such heightened awareness bypasses logical thinking and sources through our hearts. Through conscious awareness, we see, sense, and feel what resonates with our soul’s journey. Intuitive Psychologist Dr. Debra Reble shares 6 keys to help you expand your conscious awareness.

Remembering who you ARE

We all have the ability to connect back to it and discover our inherent nature, divine love and life purpose.. You are not this life you are living, you are not this body, you are not these emotions, you are so infinitely more. You ARE.

Finding Yourself In Transition

Yes, transitions are hard. Would it not feel wonderful though, to look back at what was a painful transition and be able to say to yourself….YES! I rose to the occasion and the Universe met me there.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Are you caught up in the comparison trap? When we compare ourselves to others we miss what life is offering to us in that very moment. Happiness occurs when we are able to appreciate what’s around us, how far we’ve come, etc., not wishing we were someone else. Here are 5 reasons why you need to stop comparing yourself to others.