A New Way of Seeing the World

We hold many false perceptions in our mind. These false perceptions are purposeful blocks to our peace of mind. You are not who you think you are — and this is glorious news. You are not your fear, your anxiety, or your worry. Fortunately, you have an effective way to change your ways of seeing, and that is through your Inner Therapist.

How to Discover Your Personal Truth and Find the Courage to Live by It

Listening to your heart, finding out who you are, what your truth is at any time in your life, and having the courage to follow that, may not be simple. But it is a skill. And, once developed, it is an art that when practiced leads to walking on the path of joy and abundance. Certified Soul Coach® Laura Clark shares several ways you can begin to hear the truth within.

Transforming Grief to Love

Though everyone feels grief on a more regular basis than they might admit, we are rarely taught how to grieve, unfortunately. By understanding the similarities in all forms of grief, we can better contextualize our feelings and understand how to be with them when loss arrives. Each person’s grieving process is unique, but the experience is universally human.

Midlife Purpose Search: You Are Not Alone

Are you also facing midlife angst—watching your children let go of your hand and feeling a bit lost, constantly contemplating, “What’s next for me?” If so, perhaps the following ideas can help.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Demonstrating Self-Care in Your Bedroom Design

Set the foundation for self-care in your life by creating a safe, supportive and nurturing bedroom space in which to renew yourself and set the energy for your life. Feng Shui and Certified Soul Coach® Felicia D’Haiti shares five concepts to consider when creating a space that reflects self-care.

5 Symptoms of Self-Neglect and 5 Self-Nurturing Cures

Have you been listening to and attending to everyone else’s needs but your own lately and found yourself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Have you been living this way for so long that it just feels normal? Well if so you are not alone. Many people, especially women, focus on meeting everyone else’s needs in their personal and professional lives, which leaves little time and energy left to meet their own needs.

The Significance of Connecting to Your Spiritual Frequency

Every person on the planet is unique. We all have our own distinctive look, personality, styles, and approach to life. We also have our own unique spiritual frequency, also called our personal vibration. It is part of our soul essence, our divinity, and connection to the spiritual realm. Understanding the significance of your frequency and learning to make a heart soul connection to your inner energy can help you find more abundance, happiness, and joy in your life. Your frequency is part of your Universal Power; your connection to the Divine. It can bring about tremendous positive changes within you, which helps you create, and achieve, the life you desire.

Is Your Clutter Keeping You Stuck in the Energy of Past Relationships?

When relationships end, we are left with the remnants of the relationship, from shared furniture to exchanged gifts to photos. Because our energy was so interweaved with the other’s energy, getting rid of those items can feel like a ripping of one’s soul. That’s because it is. The energy field between two people, particularly in long-term relationships, takes time to unwind. Of course, this also makes it that much more imperative that items related to that past relationship be let go, when the time is right, in order to move on.

5 Ways to Cultivate More Play into Your Life

Many adults have forgotten how to play, or they think that we aren’t supposed to. As you connect to your creative essence you will become clearer and clearer on the importance of play. Some of the most enlightened people on our planet are incredibly playful. Have you heard the Dalai Lama laugh? He does it all the time!


If you were able to know the date you would die would you live life a little differently?, asks Kelly McGrath Martinsen, author of A Year of Inspired Living.