Two Meditation Secrets to Befriend the Ego

We hear a lot about the ego nowadays. We hear how it’s bad and we should transcend it. And that we should seek enlightenment because then we’d somehow be more worthy. The thing is, the ego is our friend, and through meditation we can learn to befriend our ego. Here are two meditation secrets to help you quiet your mind and balance your personality self with your spiritual self.

Embrace the Rightness of You

With the world constantly telling you that you’re wrong to be the way you are, it’s hard to feel good about yourself. Learn how you can let go of anxiety, appreciate yourself, and embrace your true nature.

Who Do I Need To Be To Have What I Want?

Since we are the creators of our own reality, who do you need to be to have everything you want in life? When we learn to consistently show up for ourselves, others automatically begin to show up for us.

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Divine Self-Care

It is possible to have the rock star professional life you desire and still maintain time for divine self-care. Here are a few steps to achieving the self-care that you desire and deserve.

Living a Radically Engaged Life: How Choosing to Live Radically Engaged Changed EVERYTHING

Expert Columnist and Life and Business Coach Marianne MacKenzie shares how hitting rock bottom led her to create and Live a Radically Engaged Life™. In the first column of her multipart series, Marianne shares 3 guideposts to help you identify how you are currently living and showing up in your life and how to begin living as a Radically Engaged Woman™.

When Resolutions Fail Choose Self-Compassion

When we choose to be understanding and kind to ourselves instead of beating ourselves up, we transform our self-criticism and judgment into self-acceptance and love, which allows space for true change to occur.

Supporting Your Life with Feng Shui: 5 Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Home

Connecting to and changing the energy in our homes is one way to create a stable foundation from which we can make many mindset and other actionable changes in our lives to create an inner and outer environment that is safe, secure and nurturing and that promotes wellness in our lives. Feng Shui and Certified Soul Coach Felicia D’Haiti shares 5 ways you can shift the energy of your home.

Release the Struggle and Get Ready for a Quantum Leap!

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Staying open and curious allows new perspectives and opportunities to show up and support you in being the best version of yourself and birthing the dream in your heart . This openness, combined with proven tools, and inspired action can lead to Quantum Leaps on your journey shares Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie.

Living a Radically Engaged Life! Set Down Your Phone & Turn ON Your Senses

In our information age it becomes more challenging to turn off the sensory overload and go within. Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie shares 3 of her favorite go-to ways to unplug from information overload and connect with your inner wellspring of knowledge.

Let Go of Validation and Own Your Happiness

Being authentic life means freeing yourself from external validation. It’s helpful from time to time, but we don’t need to rely on it. You can take charge of your own happiness so you can feel whole and complete, no matter what.