4 Steps to Holistic Skin Care

To be healthy, is to be whole. Meditation is a practical way for the entire self; mind, body and spirit, to achieve health, skin care included. Meditation is good for you, but did you know how good it is for your skin? A little known side effect from the practice of meditation is an acceleration of the healing process in skin cells.

7 Ways to Harness Your Energy So You Can Truly Shine

Deep down in our core we know we are meant to shine. We know that we are meant to live lives of joy, happiness, and love. However, the problem is that there are many aspects of our lives that don’t support us in that.
We get caught up in the negativity, stress and pessimism of the world, which stresses us out and holds us back from being who we are truly meant to be.

But we don’t have to be stuck in this. We all have the power to transform our lives so we can truly be who we are and experience our true power in the world. Here are 7 ways to harness your energy so you can truly shine.

8 Ways To Step Into Your Intuitive Power

I get asked many questions on how to develop a “spiritual practice” of tools and rituals related to the Goddess. There are so many modalities like runes, crystals, tarot and divination. Where does one begin? How do you choose? This is a guide to help you decide which modality you are drawn to. It’s better to start with one, master the beginner’s level, then move on to the next.

Embrace Your Midlife Journey!

Have you been living a life of “shoulds”? Now is the time to experience a breakthrough and embrace your midlife! Midlife can be a wonderful experience! A time to let go, breathe, love yourself, and create the life you deserve! It takes courage and strength, but you can do this. Your entire life to this point is part of who you are, but it doesn’t have to define you. Michelle Lemoi shares 6 steps and thought provoking journal questions for you to evaluate and embrace your midlife transformation.

Four Hints to Harness the Healing Power of Joy

Your route to joy and happiness lies within your own mind and own surroundings. No matter where you are in life you can achieve joy and happiness. Here are a few easy suggestions to help you on your way.

How to Have More Time: Simple Shifts to Have More Time For What Really Matters

When we learn to shift time, our relationships become more rewarding, our time spent alone is richer, our aging is more satisfying, our work is more fruitful and our stress and anxiety are less paralyzing, or even nonexistent.

Do More Of What You Love: Living On Purpose

We have all met people who focus on the “what” they’re doing instead of the “why” they’re doing it. It’s difficult to feel passionate about something when we’re missing the meaning behind what we’re doing and why we’re here. We all have been given unique gifts and abilities that are desperately needed in this world. Unfortunately, many of us go through life never fully using our unique talents. We often find ourselves overwhelmed, exhausted, dissatisfied and unfulfilled with our jobs and life choices. What would your life be like if you were doing exactly what you were created to do? Who would you “be” if you were leading and living from a place where you were fully using your gifts?

Presence on the Page: Five Lessons Yoga Can Teach Us About Our Writing Practice

Imagine if you could come to the page with the same ease with which you come to your morning rituals; if you could show up every day without worrying about what you are going to produce or achieve. Chances are, it would revolutionize your writing. So, writer … Are you ready to practice?

7 Things You Need to Let Go If You Want to Live Courageously

It all starts by becoming more aware of who we really are and what we are all about – what we like, what we don’t like, what we envision for our life. We just have to see this learning process as a part of the beautiful journey of self-discovery that will empower us to live life in our own terms. When we know ourselves deeply, we will be able to live life by design, and we will not let life dictate the terms to us.

5 Simple Ways to Clear Energetic Blocks and Realign Your Soul

Every day we deal with blocks and disruptions in our own energy, flowing from any number of sources. The great news is that you hold the power to clear these blocks and restrictions and get back on course to your true divinity. These simple tools can provide you clarity and insight into helping shake those disruptions and keep yourself on the path to your higher self.