My Daughter’s Health Crisis Changed Everything—Especially Our Family Diet

Let me take you back to the day that changed everything. It’s 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon in April, I’m standing at the kitchen sink making dinner and heard grunting sounds. I turned to look over my shoulder to see my 8 year old daughter hunched and convulsing, drooling from the mouth…she was having a seizure. Though the next four months were the most challenging months of my life there was a silver lining. One that led to important changes in my family’s diet and health.

Make Your Life Easier and Improve Your Child’s Health at the Same Time

I’ve got some truth telling for you today and I believe it has the power to forever shift how you feel about improving your child’s health. It also has the ability to get you out of overwhelm, FOR GOOD. Especially if you’re someone who struggles with sticking to making changes in your child’s life, whether it’s […]

Is YOUR Willpower Affecting Your Child’s Health?

What would life be like if you simply wondered ‘why’ your child felt the way they did? It’s a lot easier to discover what’s most supportive when you fully understand the other person’s feelings and needs. Learning to use your willpower to pause, instead of react, will help you create a stronger bond with your child which ripples out to their health.

Seasonal Eating For Winter

In a world where you can go into a supermarket and buy any produce all year round from anywhere in the world and step into fast food chains and restaurants that have the same menu any time of the year we lose our connection to the cyclical and seasonal needs of our bodies. Eating foods that are in season offers a variety of health benefits shared here along with a recipe.

6 Reasons Why Loving Yourself First Is Essential to Radiant Health

Being motivated by what you don’t like and what you don’t want will only take you a short distance. If you want deep and lasting change, if you want your health to improve, if you want to shine and radiate health and vitality, self-love is the only thing that will take you there.

Your Healthiest Holiday Season Yet!

Kick-off your holiday season with 7 healthy strategies that will transform December and jump-start your commitment to a healthy 2016! Try these 3 decadent Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Sugar-free recipes!

Summer Health Tips: 9 Ways to Boost Your Health This Summer … Beyond Sunscreen

When it comes to summer health care we often hear about the need to apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses to protect our eyes, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. But the longer days of sun light and warm weather create an opportunity to buoy our health in ways that impact our lives well beyond Labor Day. Check out these summer health tips to deepen and expand the health of your body, mind and spirit.

The Sugar Addiction Roller Coaster Ride!

For so many, sugar seems to have taken control of our lives. It’s a bittersweet battle that leaves us with a never ending journey of highs and lows. Learn some of the reasons why you crave sugar and begin to take back control of your life and your diet.

Eat Your Way to Beautiful, Healthy Skin

What you put on your plate is more important than putting expensive creams on your skin. Create glowing, vibrant skin with skin-loving foods.

10 Healthy Mini Changes You Can Make to Your Diet Today

So many women talk about losing weight, starting this diet tomorrow or that exercise routine next week, but what if small changes could promise more lasting results. Here are 10 doable changes to try today.