5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Are you caught up in the comparison trap? When we compare ourselves to others we miss what life is offering to us in that very moment. Happiness occurs when we are able to appreciate what’s around us, how far we’ve come, etc., not wishing we were someone else. Here are 5 reasons why you need to stop comparing yourself to others.

Living a Radically Engaged Life: How Choosing to Live Radically Engaged Changed EVERYTHING

Expert Columnist and Life and Business Coach Marianne MacKenzie shares how hitting rock bottom led her to create and Live a Radically Engaged Life™. In the first column of her multipart series, Marianne shares 3 guideposts to help you identify how you are currently living and showing up in your life and how to begin living as a Radically Engaged Woman™.

When Resolutions Fail Choose Self-Compassion

When we choose to be understanding and kind to ourselves instead of beating ourselves up, we transform our self-criticism and judgment into self-acceptance and love, which allows space for true change to occur.

3 Steps to Transform Your Self-Sabotaging

As we grow, stretch and step into the boldest vision we have for our lives it’s quite possible that old habitual self-sabotaging beliefs or habits will rear their ugly heads. The damage occurs when we allow that temporary self-sabotaging event to define us in some way and create a limiting belief about ourselves. Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie shares the 3 steps that she uses with her clients to support them when self-sabotage shows up.

6 Powerful Tips to Let Go and Shape Your Best Life

Transitions in life often mean letting go of what no longer serves you. When you hold on, you miss out on new possibilities. Learn how to let go with grace so you can make room for a happier life.

The Power of the Question

The ability to ask relevant, targeted, open-ended questions is a skill that’s useful in every situation. Questions are open and evolving; they invite exploration. Every invention, every theory, every spiritual moment in history began, in one way or another, with a question.

Let Go Of Your Measuring Stick: Embrace Who You Are

How often do you compare yourself to others? More importantly, how does it feel when you do? When we find ourselves in these negative spaces, it is never truly about the other person. It has to do with how secure we are with ourselves, and how connected we are to our truth. Measuring sticks are good for one thing: to help you remember how far you have come and how amazing you have always been. Here are a few of my favorite practices that help me let go of my measuring stick and embrace who I am. If they resonate with where you are on your journey, give them a try.

Four Lessons on Finding Your Divine Path and Re-Authoring Your Story

Why do we allow ourselves to go in circles, knowing full well we are headed in the wrong direction? For anyone who is struggling on the wrong path, learn these four lessons on finding your divine path and re-authoring your story!

10 Signs You Are a Highly Sensitive Badass

After years of self-exploration, learning, diving into deep self-care and practicing true self-love, I now know how wonderful like can be, and I am on fire to help bring awareness to people like me and teach what I’ve learned to others. If you’re highly sensitive or empathic, my goal is to help you discover your gifts, find your inner power, and celebrate yourself just as you are.

11 Hints It’s Time To Surrender And Take The Path Of Least Resistance

Have you ever pushed against life hoping for an easier path, only to realize pushing and resisting is actually making life harder? I can relate to falling into this trap throughout my life journey. Most often this vicious cycle has been the result of attempting to prove myself, or to overcompensate for the parts of me I hadn’t yet accepted. These 11 hints have become my telltale signs it is time to surrender and take the path of least resistance.