5 Benefits to Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle™

Drumroll please!!! My expert column in Aspire will now be called “Living the Goddess Laptop LifestyleTM and will be dedicated to teaching ambitious, soulful women how to create an abundant, purpose-filled life, and prosperous laptop business they love!

3 Ways to Use Creative Play to Relieve Holiday Stress

Being a wife, mom and business owner is challenging enough. Add to that shopping, holiday parties and house guests and you have the perfect recipe for stress! Creative play is a powerful tool for helping you to relax and stay present in the moment, especially during the busy holiday season.

5 Easy Holistic Business Building Strategies

Now more than ever your gifts as a Holistic Practitioner are being summoned and called forth to share with the world. There is great transformation happening on the planet and you are one of the leaders of this transformation.

The 10 Key Principles of a Heart-Centered Leader

Being a Heart-Centered Leader is definitely a privileged journey, it’s a gift, not a right. And when we’re good leaders and good at what we do, we have to be aware and understand the impact we have on people. Making a difference fuels us and it’s our driving force, but when we understand the impact we make on others, we have the power of enhancing it, so we can have a more positive impact in the world.

7 Steps to More Confidence and More Clients in Your Holistic Business

Is your self-confidence affecting your holistic business success? It could be. Your level of confidence will affect every aspect of your Holistic Business and has the biggest impact on attracting your ideal clients into your Holistic Practice. You can’t attract what you don’t feel worthy of. Psychotherapist, and Founder of The Global Association of Psychotherapy and Coaching, Shelley Riutta shares the positive benefits that happen when you move into more confidence in your Holistic Business and 7 steps to support you in doing so.

The Feminine Path to Success and Prosperity

A new paradigm for success is here. There is a saying that states “a rising tide lifts all boats.” When you take the feminine path to success, the level of your success both elevates your life and enhances the lives of others. With the opportunity to rediscover what does bring us joy, then setting our goals and building our life around THAT. This is the feminine path to success.

Business Success Tip: Let Your Light Shine!

We can spend years and sometimes decades overcoming the belief that if we stand out, if we shine our brilliant light then something bad will happen: we will be judged, disliked or perceived as not enough. Sound familiar? When it comes to creating a personal or professional image for our business, it’s important to let your light shine. We know this, but it’s not always as easy as it seems. Here’s a business tip so support you in winning the inner game and acknowledging and celebrating all of who you are!

5 Ways Gratitude Can Grow Your Business

Gratitude may be the missing element in your journey to entrepreneurial success. I say that because I know how hard it can be to build a profitable business. I have been there, feeling stuck in that space of “if I just work harder or if I just get one or two more clients, everything will be okay.” I have felt frustrated, dissatisfied and wondered if all the effort was worth it. What has saved me every time is gratitude.

Setting Daily Intentions Can Increase Your Profits

My commitment to growing my business is greater than my fear. Is yours? The way to get over this fear is the same way that I got up and down a mountain yesterday, one step at a time.

Growing a profitable business takes time and it takes a plan.

7 Mistakes People Make When Transitioning from Employee to Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

In order for us to become entrepreneurs, the first shift that needs to happen is a desire for more freedom than security. A transition from working for a paycheck to working as a purpose-driven entrepreneur is more than just changing jobs, it entails a true transformation – a new way of being, because there is a lot you have to unlearn and you need to rewire your brain. Here are the 7 most common mistakes people make when transitioning from employee to purpose-driven entrepreneur.o you tell yourself that you want to start your own heart-centered business to have freedom and be able to work from anywhere, follow your own schedule and rules, live in your PJ’s and run errands when the rest of the world is working. I get it! Who doesn’t want that kind of freedom?