Important Reasons You Need a Soul Break Now

When our soul needs a break, we can feel the call. Allow yourself space in your life for vacations and down time. Take it without apology. Live. Make this a priority and your life will reach new levels of joy, peace, and success. The busyness can wait.

Go, Go, Go…on a Break. It’s Important!

Do you rush through your day at breakneck speed? Can your life be described as “always so busy”? Find out why breaks are important and how you can start replenishing yourself today!

Summer Health Tips: 9 Ways to Boost Your Health This Summer … Beyond Sunscreen

When it comes to summer health care we often hear about the need to apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses to protect our eyes, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. But the longer days of sun light and warm weather create an opportunity to buoy our health in ways that impact our lives well beyond Labor Day. Check out these summer health tips to deepen and expand the health of your body, mind and spirit.

What Is Your True Path?

Many of us are searching for our true path, our purpose for living within this Earth. It can be a hard and lonely struggle to live each day and not only survive but thrive. It helps us when we connect with others and when we remember that we are creating our life experience and helping our soul grow and evolve. Each and every day is a gift to live, grow and develop within this wonderful world.

How Do Your Hormones Affect Your Brain?

Imbalanced hormone levels can affect your emotions and your ability to have laser thinking. Estrogen receptor sites are found on every cell in your body (except the urinary tract) which indicates the need for healthy levels of estrogens.

7 Important Tips to Surviving Life’s Most Difficult Moments

There are moments in life that feel unbearable. The challenges are difficult, the burdens heavy, and we’re not sure we can handle it. You’ve had those days, or even weeks, when everything goes wrong. This is life in all its rawness. It is through life’s most difficult moments that we are transformed. Like the phoenix, we rise from the ashes. Forever altered, with a wisdom forged by fire, we more deeply treasure simple pleasures, the gifts of love and relationship, and the profound beauty that life offers. Holistic Psychotherapist Kailean Welsh shares 7 tips to help you navigate through difficult times.

Are You Crazy Busy? How to Slow Down the Pace of Life

When you take care of yourself and take the time to slow down and do what you love, you are in balance. There is time and space for you to once again feel and appreciate the fullness and richness of your life. Allow yourself time for prayer and meditation. Here are some ways to create spaciousness and connection in your life.

Have More Sex – It May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Regular sex is good for your body and may help prevent Breast Cancer. It is an important aspect of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Several healing hormones are released during orgasm which lead to a more healthy and vibrant you.

An 11 Step Process for Shedding Life-long Insecurity

If insecurity, self-doubt and self-esteem issues are holding you back from living your truth create space in your schedule for this 11 step reflective process. Grab your journal and pen and dive deeper into your sacred truth.

Take a Break! 9 Life-Enhancing Benefits of Leisure

Life is busy. Work obligations, family needs, community activities, household chores–there is no shortage of demands on our time. But with an ‘all work and no play’ lifestyle, we miss out on the life-enhancing benefits of leisure.