Sweet Peaceful Sleep: Lori Lite

There is probably no greater joy than seeing your child sleeping peacefully in their bed.  Lori Lite, a gifted author and imaginative story teller, discovered she had a talent for helping her children fall asleep.  Now, with Lori Lite’s reassuring Indigo Dreams stories and LiteBooks.net Company, thousands of parents, children and teens can learn how to develop relaxation, visualization and meditation techniques, so they too can experience peace.

Lori Lite is the author of several relaxation and self-esteem building children’s stories such as: Goodnight Caterpillar, A Boy and a Turtle, A Boy and a Bear, The Affirmation Web and two newly released books Bubble Riding: A Children’s Relaxation Story and Affirmation Weaver: A Believe in Yourself Story. Through these guided calming stories of the senses, Lite’s characters help readers and listeners focus on breathing, positive affirmations and muscular relaxation.  Furthermore, Lite’s uplifting books, CDs and curriculum are a helpful resource for therapists, psychologists, child life specialists, yoga instructors and educators.

A Creative Childhood

During her childhood, author and business owner, Lori Lite said her parents inspired her creativity by making life magical and by encouraging her and her brothers to see the face of the man on the moon. “Long car rides were transformed as we marveled at how the smiling moon followed us,” Lite laughingly described.

“We felt so special and powerful thinking that we three giggling children had captured the moon’s attention. Many years later, as I walked with my husband under a moonlit sky I noticed that the familiar face of the moon had changed. For a moment, I saw an anguished, sad child’s face staring back at me and in that moment I knew that the children of the world needed my help.  I will never forget that inspiring moment,” Lite reminisced.

Years later, Lite said her son inspired her to create her first story, A Boy and a Bear. “I watched his beautiful face as I lulled him to sleep with what became my first published story. I knew then that my stories had the power to transform anguish and sadness into peace and tranquility,” shared Lite.

A Passionate Heart

Lite said she believes the heart and passion are one. “My passion is an expression of my heartfelt compassion for children and their parents, and my desire to help them,” Lite explained. Lite’s commitment to children has inspired her to donate books to The IAM Foundation and Make a Wish Foundation. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Lori and her family sent 700 books to the children of New York to help them cope with the aftermath of 9/11.

Lite said the notes she received from parents telling her how her books and CDs have helped their children and even changed their lives keeps her passion alive.  “I hear about children finding a moment of peace listening to my stories after living through abusive situations; Katrina victims finding calm after the storm has left them with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders; children with anxiety disorders sleeping soundly for the first time in years,” Lite explained.  “These letters from the hearts of others feed my spirit and make my heart sing. These notes are a source of strength and motivation. They are little reminders that I am doing the work I was born to do and that my stories are needed in this world. I am very grateful that people take the time to reach out and connect with me. I try to answer each and everyone to let them know how deeply they have affected me by sharing their moments of success with me. I am truly grateful for these notes. They feel like kisses from angels,” shared Lite.

A Dream Keeper

Having an imaginative spirit, Lite is a believer in making dreams come true.  According to Lite, “In order to achieve your dreams, you must believe in yourself and be your own dream keeper. Feed and nurture your dream so it stays alive. Surround yourself with friends and family that support your dream. Pull out all the spirit and soul feeding tools you have ever heard of and start using them.  I use meditation, prayer and affirmations. I listen to my own Indigo Dreams CDs to keep myself clear, balanced and motivated. I put affirmations up where I can see them as I write. I called myself an author before I was published. Walk, think and feel as though you have already accomplished your dream.”

Connect through Love and Joy

Lite said her spiritual journey has been exhilarating!  “I think that we all have choices; we can learn and grow from doom and pain, or we can achieve spiritual connectedness through love and joy. I chose the positive experiences of love and joy. I believe spiritual awareness or enlightenment can be achieved in many ways,” Lite stated.

“There is no right or wrong path,” Lite reflected.  “Allow yourself to evolve and change your beliefs. You must be willing to let go of old ideas.  My mantra is, “What served me yesterday may not serve me today.” Furthermore, keeping stress levels to a minimum helps, Lite advised, “It is hard to feel spiritual or connected when you are stressed out.”

Create a Healthy, Calm, Peaceful Life

Lite said she is a real person; a real mom raising real kids with real stress and anxiety, too. “Each and every story was created with the utmost love as I tucked my children into their beds at night. My children are my catalyst,” Lite added further. “They share their daily challenges, fears, stress, anger and self-doubt with me. Their willingness to participate propels me into a joyful place of creativity I never knew I had. I am grateful for my children’s role in helping me find and live my passion,” shared Lite.

Lite wants families to know that they are not alone. “The world that we knew as children has dramatically changed. Children are spending extended time in school and structured settings such as daycare. More children are being raised in a single parent home. Many households have two working parents to make ends meet. The media has bombarded our children with complicated and traumatizing information. We are raising a generation of children to have experienced homeland terrorism and large-scale natural disasters.  Our own achievement oriented style of parenting has created overly scheduled days for us and our children,” Lite added further.

Lite believes families can teach their children to manage stress, anxiety and anger. “They can actively participate in helping their families create healthy, calm, peaceful lives,” shared Lite.

Lori and her husband Rick Lite are the founders and owners of Lite Books which creates uplifting products to inform, educate and share ways we can counteract stress and give our children the tools they need to ease anxiety, manage anger, promote sleep, boost self-esteem and enjoy relaxation.

http://www.stressfreekids.com/ is located in Marietta, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, is a growing business bursting with new ideas on how to support children and families during stressful times. Through its website, http://www.stressfreekids.com/, and other channels, Stress Free Kids sells children’s books, curriculums, CDs, and child relaxation aids. “Relaxing Families…”

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